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5 reasons to use tracking technology

How efficiently your fleet is managed, determines the time you can free up to improve your business. Improving your business will help you create a competitive advantage over your competitors. This is why this blog post zooms in on five reasons that point out the importance of protecting your fleet with asset tracking technology. To help you keep that competitive edge.   

1. Locate your assets without running or calling around

Forget about running around on your gym shoes on a parking lot to locate a specific asset. Or even better, forget about endlessly calling around to colleagues to know who has any information about a specific asset. By equipping your fleet with asset tracking technology you always know where an asset is located. You make your fleet visible and monitor it at your own pace. No matter whether your fleet consists of trailers, containers, cleaning equipment or other assets.

2. Receive notifications in case of suspicious behavior

Having a large fleet can be quite stressful from time to time. An asset can get damaged when it is on a customer site. A third party can steal an asset from your fleet. Even employees can abuse the possibility of having certain assets at their disposal. With asset tracking technology, you have the possibility to set-up different geozones and alerts. By defining this, you can easily weigh risks and take immediate action when needed.

3. Ensure well-timed maintenance & decrease replacement costs

Typically, maintenance is planned by either looking at existing regulation or by analyzing historical data. Not the optimal reference data. With our asset tracking solution, you know how much an asset is used. Combine this with knowing the exact location of your assets and you can optimize maintenance planning and thus decrease maintenance and replacement costs.

4. Stay aligned with your subcontractors and customers

Staying aligned with your subcontractors is key to build a good business relationship. And so is communicating timely with your customers. With extensive reporting possibilities, you can check whether subcontractors comply with the contracts you agreed upon. Knowing the movement of assets also allows you to communicate timely to customers about when they can expect assets to arrive. In short, you can monitor and control your procedures and prove to both subcontractors and customers that you comply with contractual obligations.

5. Know in detail how your fleet is used and optimize its capacity

With a manual logging system, it is hard to make a waterproof system that tells you exactly how your fleet is used. Errors easily slip in and you struggle to have a full overview of your fleet. A solution in place will help you understand the use-rate on your fleet. In other words, it will allow you to find back idle assets, optimize asset allocation, validate usage-based contracts with customers, and introduce pay-per-use billing to your customers.

Knowing this, there cannot be much that holds you back from implementing an asset tracking solution, am I right? With Sensolus you can focus on what really matters to move your business forward.