AB InBev

Optimizing the usage of AB InBev's trailer fleet

AB InBev is the largest brewery worldwide, headquartered in Belgium. Known for brewing beer and building beer brands like Budweiser, Corona and Jupiler. In total, they have more than five hundred diverse beer brands in their portfolio. To spread their love for beer even more efficiently, AB InBev partnered up with Sensolus to improve capacity management and subcontractor compliance. After four months, they already optimized the usage of their trailer fleet with 15% percent.

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Source: AB InBev

AB InBev decided to integrate their existing analytics environment with our asset tracking solution. Firstly, they mainly used our solution to monitor supply chain KPIs, such as trailer rotation. To extend the existing use of our application, AB InBev is integrating different data sources in Sensolus. For example, real-time supply chain data is linked with their product data. In this way, we can provide additional market insights on goods, as well as smarter planning tools to estimate the lead times more accurately.

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Source: AB InBev

Sensolus enables companies to intelligently manage and track their assets. Our solution is internationally recognized as extremely energy-efficient, easy-to-install, operationally scalable and highly reliable in industrial environments. Request a demo if you’re also looking at optimizing the usage of your trailer fleet.

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