Our story

About us

Sensolus is an industrial IoT company, founded by four IoT enthusiasts. Our company is built upon many years of expertise in low-power networks, wireless sensor design, and cloud-based sensor management and analysis. Based on this expertise, key drivers of our asset tracking solution were identified. Sensolus is easy-to-install (goodbye, manuals), crystal-clear to non-tech savvy people (in other words grandma proof) and creates productivity gains (let’s crush those KPIs).

We keep our pioneering position in a challenging industry by developing everything in-house. Currently, we are active in more than fifteen countries in a diverse amount of industries (aeronautics, automotive, logistics). Leading to a triple-digit annual growth.

Our company is based in Belgium with offices in Ghent and Hasselt. We have partnered up with production brains in Taiwan and a development team in Vietnam.

Our ambition? Remain a frontrunner in industrial IoT in Europe and beyond.

Expertise beyond Sensolus

Other projects

Our IoT enthusiasm reaches further than Sensolus alone. We contribute to several other projects with diverse IoT technologies in different domains.

Food & Farming The project Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020) explores the potential of IoT technologies for the food and farming industry. Sensolus is one of the partners in this project.
The subsidy IoF2020 received from the European Commission will be used to investigate and foster a large-scale implementation of IoT in the European food and farming domain. Why? Because IoT is a powerful driver that has the potential to transform the entire food and farming domain. This can be done by creating smart webs of connected objects that are context-sensitive and can be identified, sensed and controlled remotely.

IoF2020 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 731884

Ambient Assisted Living The Active@Work project (part of Active & Assisted Living) aims at developing and deploying a web-based solution to support senior workers in their roles within their organization. For this project we create technological means to keep senior workers active at work. By adjusting their role and activities to their actual physical capabilities and health state we create conditions to make their professional career last longer and improve their wellbeing in the workplace.

Here you can read more about the AAL programme.

E-wellbeing The project DIoTTO is about e-wellbeing and is a partnership between Sensolus, design agency Studiodott and technology company Waylay. This project wants to support independent living for seniors. Sensolus’ role here is to create an IoT application for seniors and their informal caregiver. The application is co-created in close collaboration with seniors and caregivers from the living lab panel of the city of Aalst. This project will be tested in the homes of elderly people to prove its relevance in the market.

Sensolus enthusiasts


Kristoff Van Rattinghe
Our always energetic surfer and CEO. Having a strong interest in sustainability and innovation, Kristoff had various leading positions at technology ventures in different areas of the world. Nowadays, he invests his never-ending source of energy in growing Sensolus to become a sustainable leading innovator.
Johan Criel
Our persistent mountaineer and CTO & VP product. Working as a Senior Research Engineer at Alcatel gave Johan an insider view on the telecom world. He likes to combine his dev and engineering skills with other disciplines to bring the best possible Sensolus experience to all of our customers.
Laurence Claeys
Our joyful yogi and Product Manager. As a professor at the VUB and researcher at Imec Laurence uses her academic knowledge to ensure Sensolus is easy to adopt and compatible with both social and technological innovation standards.
Koen Van Vlaenderen
Our nature-inspired explorer and production brain. At first sight, it might seem like Koen speaks an exotic language. He doesn’t. He is just extremely knowledgeable when it comes to hardware development and bare metal programming. He ensures the best possible IoT trackers get manufactured in time for our customers.