Inventory management

Save time searching for assets

Stop wasting time searching for assets. Instead, simply use your web or mobile app to find and be directed straight to the asset you’re looking for.

Never count your stock manually again

Eliminate human error from manually counting your assets and avoid spending capital on assets that you’ve lost sight of.

Eliminate sleeping assets from your P&L

Reduce your purchase and maintenance costs by discovering which of your assets aren’t being used.

Avoid asset shortage delaying your processes

Optimise your production cycles by always knowing which assets are available at each site.

Always know where your assets are

Locate all your assets

Quickly and easily find all your assets in the asset map in our web or mobile app (available in street or satellite view). 

Indoor & outdoor localization

Locate all you assets indoor with the precision that matters for your use case.

Use stakeholder specific asset filters

Filter a selection of assets for a specific stakeholder instantly by using custom filters such as asset type, shipment info, or status.

Know your asset stock at each location

Consult current stock and monitor evolution

Check the stock distribution for each of your asset types, enable automatic stock reporting and analyse stock evolution over time.

Understand how long assets stay in an area

Monitor how long your assets are staying in each significant site and investigate outliers.

Be notified in case of low or high stock levels

Activate alerts to detect under- and overstock of different assets and notify the relevant stakeholders.

Keep track of your assets' whereabouts

Monitor asset journeys

Know where each asset has been, how long it stayed there, which sites it visited and where it stopped.

Detect common traveling patterns

Get more insights of your assets’ usual traveling patterns.

Be notified in case of anomalies

Be alerted if an asset stops for too long at a specific location or in a suspicious place.

Our solution in action

Localisation service

Geozone service

Discover more benefits of our solution

Asset overview

Enjoy a complete overview of all your asset locations with the asset map (street or satellite view) or drill down to locate an individual asset.

Search & filter

Instantly find the asset you’re looking for with our extensive search & filter functions for every list and dashboard in the platform, including integrated data from your ERP. To facilitate future searches, you can save and reload your filters.

Individual geozone statistics

Want to gain insights from a particular zone? Discover the assets present in the zone, details of alerts raised, the status of an individual asset, and much more with our geo-zone statistics.

Geozone overview statistics

Explore the global overview of all your geozones. Learn which geozone has the most of each type of asset, or drill down for details on a specific geozone or asset.


Follow your assets as they move from site to site by estimating routes and distances, logging visited locations, monitoring stopping times and more.

Integration API

Your data is easily accessible via APIs. Plus the platform can generate REST or MQTT call backs to your system for every location update.

"While being accurate, quick to deploy and energy-saving, it works great! The logistics data flow has significantly increased, providing more visibility for daily operations."
Maxime Saraiva
IoT Technical Specialist at Airbus