Theft protection

Stop asset theft

Quickly locate misplaced assets and be notified when someone is trying to steal your asset.

Reduce consequential damage

Eliminate stress and costs related to theft. Plus, stop worrying about replacing stolen assets and customer complaints due to delayed deliveries.

Find back stolen assets

Investigate the last recorded locations for suspicious places, times, and actors.

Discourage theft attempts

Studies show that visible protection measures for high-value assets significantly reduce theft rates.

Be notified during theft attempts

Detect assets leaving safe zones

Define safe zones and receive notifications when an asset leaves this zone.

Detect abnormal process behaviour

Define alerts for process deviations such as assets not returning to a safe zone by a particular time.

Detect suspicious movements

Define when assets shouldn’t move, for example at night, and be immediately notified if they do.

Find back stolen assets

Locate your stolen assets

Find the location of your stolen asset using our mobile or web app.

Be guided to your stolen asset

Get directions to your stolen asset with Google Directions in our mobile app then switch to presence mode when nearby.

Inspect the asset history to understand what happened

Details on the asset’s journey and last location can help you identify suspicious places, actors and timelines.

Easy to hide plug-and-play trackers that are difficult to tamper with

A small battery-powered device

Battery-powered trackers don’t need wiring and can be easily hidden. Also, thanks to their extremely low power requirementsthey are invisible for sensor scanners.

Be notified when someone tampers with the tracker

Receive automatic notifications when someone tries to unmount a tracker from your asset so you can take immediate action. 

Our solution in action

Discover more about our solution

Receive a lot of information about your assets via different dashboards, reports and configurators.

Asset overview

Enjoy a complete overview of all your asset locations with the asset map (street or satellite view) or drill down to locate an individual asset.

Mobile guidance

Find your asset easily with easy directions from Google Navigator and BLE on our mobile app (for iPhone and Android).


Monitor your assets using a set of alarms, and be notified when an exception occurs. Alert rules can be easily set with the creation wizard.


Follow your assets as they move from site to site by estimating routes and distances, logging visited locations, monitoring stopping times and more.