Head of Sales

In order to realize our ambitions, we are looking for an experienced, passionate and talented Head of Sales.  As Head of Sales you are the commercial leader to realize the international expansion of Sensolus.

The Role:      

  • You master the art of sales in complex solution selling in industry, where you fine-tune the process in an analytical way, including tools, metrics, reporting, dashboarding, etc. In the end, you have an analytical approach, based on data, to test and detect how the sales expansion strategy can accelerate.
  • You are field-marketing savvy and can delegate inbound / outbound lead generation.
  • You are a mentor and coach for the team, working on deals with them, spotting key issues in time, detecting new opportunities to drive them to success. You lead by example, and will be actively closing deals as well.
  • You lead by example, you will be creating leads, converting them to deals, closing deals, and showing your team members the tips & tricks to be successful.
  • You recruit the best sales executives out there, to fuel the team in a balanced way, aligned with the sales geographical expansion strategy
  • You define and setup the team of sales executives, including the different roles, individual KPIs and reporting systems to drive the team to success. You will manage the sales teams, of which some of them will be at other physical locations.
  • As head of sales you identify early the gaps in our revenue generating process, and you act timely with actions to keep the sales factory running. This is not about delegation, this is about getting issues detected and resolved with a hands-on team mentality.
  • G2M/R2M/sales process and sales tactics are your second nature, and you execute the sales strategy of Sensolus, including indirect channel management.
  • You are a team player at executive management of Sensolus, where you will represent the customer voice towards engineering and product management, 100% aligned with the sales expansion strategy. Your role is to provide the required market insights for the technical roadmap, aligned with the sales expansion strategy of Sensolus.
  • As executive management member, you will define the future expansion strategy of Sensolus. Which geographical markets should we move to, which segments should we tackle and which channel is suited for this? What price strategies are required, where should we invest more?
  • You are “head of sales”, you master your metrics, you master your pipeline and forecasting. You represent the highest authority for sales at Sensolus and have the ability to take a commercial leader role in this position.

What do you bring?

  • You are energetic and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment
  • You are fluent in English
  • You are digital native
  • You are open to travel (travelling can take up to 50% of your time)
  • You have at least +5 years of sales experience with a proven traction in team creation, coaching, growth and management
  • You are a sales professional
  • You have a proven record of recruiting sales teams towards success
  • You have experience with typical startup / scaleup environment, with a strong preference in the tech sector
  • You are marketing savvy
  • You have experience with remote management of sales executives
  • You have experience with global expansion with channel management (indirect)
  • You have an international experience and you are ambitious to grow the European market in short term – you think global
  • You are proficient in sales tools, setting metrics, KPIs, reporting, organizing team roles, etc. you´re nature is to control the process, automate and optimize.

What do we offer?

  • The basis of our team is trust. Before you know it, you are a necessary link in our strong growth
  • We love proactivity and independence and we take matters into our own hands
  • We are open to an innovative approach and we dare to try new things
  • At Sensolus, no two days are the same
  • You will get an attractive salary package based on your experience and a competitive bonus arrangement
  • We are a small and dynamic team of 20 full-time employees with a family feel

Where could you be working?

Rijsenbergstraat 148, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Sounds good?

Contact us via careers@sensolus.com