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Computacenter and Sensolus work together

Digitalization, complex supply chains and interlinked production processes pose major challenges for companies across all sectors. In order to be successful in the future, they must design logistics and production processes more effectively and save costs.

An efficient and future oriented solution is provided by the Locating Services by Computacenter, build on Sensolus’ energy efficient intelligent trackers and platform.

This way logistics managers know where assets are at any given time – on the company premises, but also during their entire transport route from the supplier to the production or customer site.

At the same time, the purchasing department always knows the most up-to-date stock of goods in the entire logistics process.

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"With this cooperation Sensolus is ready to scale its business in Germany and further. Computacenter has the market knowledge and understands the problems customers are facing today.

Complex IOT trajectories can now be simplified with a huge Return On Investment. Computacenter’s expertise in combination with the Sensolus platform is able to lower the Time To Value from months to days for customers."
Filip Van Lancker
Head of Partnerships at Sensolus
"We are delighted to cooperate with the team of Computacenter. Our technology, combined with the local access of Computacenter, provides a worry-free experience for our customers."
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Kristoff Van Rattinghe
CEO at Sensolus

Steffen Beilmann, Senior Consultant at Computacenter, underlines the benefits, he has already realized in projects:

“With the solution, extensive and complex logistics flows can be mapped in real time and freight costs and investments in the millions can be reduced. In this way, the entire incoming goods process can be digitalized and automated, leading to greater efficiency.”

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