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Investing in knowledge of Sensolus platform & products shows to be a smart move of Connectic

Sensolus, a Ghent-based specialist in tracking and IoT technology, and Connectic, a Walloon integrator of IoT applications, are going to work together even more closely. Connectic offers IoT solutions and has been active for years on the Sensolus platform to optimize data management for its customers. The Walloon IoT player is now also focusing on customer service (support & sales). Connectic thus evolved into the first Sensolus partner to offer full first-line (level 1) support. Meanwhile, Sensolus is counting on regional expansion in the southern part of Belgium. In this way both companies are working on a sustainable partnership from which each party benefits. 

Connectic was founded in 2017 with the ambition to specialize in IoT solutions. It quickly found out that this technology would offer a lot of opportunities for equipment tracking, especially for non-powered assets. Today, Connectic is positioned as an integrator of IoT and IoP (Internet of People) solutions. These include geolocation of transport assets and materials, planning and registration of employees and performance, as well as measurement and analysis of activities in a given region. 

Performant platform

Connectic has developed an expertise and has a large number of solutions on offer that enable it to effectively support companies with remote data analysis and management, whether it involves moving objects, employees or buildings. Such data management requires a high-performing platform. In Sensolus, the Ghent IoT specialist, a reliable partner that meets all requirements was found.  

“We spoke to several hardware and software vendors around the world. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that Sensolus, one of the world’s leading developers of non-powered asset tracking solutions, is a Belgian company located less than 200 km from our headquarters,” says Julien Hans, Manager Partner at Connectic. “Moreover, Sensolus has developed the best solution for GPS tracking of non-powered equipment.” 

Transparency creates efficiency

Sensolus is a reference partner for Connectic. “Its autonomous GPS beacon using a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN), such as Sigfox for example, combined with its platform’s back-end, is the best performing on the market in several aspects such as autonomy, robustness, percentage of solved cases, and more,” says Julien Hans. “The Sensolus platform also offers significant advantages in terms of user-friendliness and reporting for our customers in the industrial sector and waste logistics.” 

Over the years, Connectic teams have also learned to collaborate with support & sales of Sensolus. Today, Sensolus offers such training through its dedicated online and on-site academy for all new partners. The first-line support offered by Connectic, however, grew organically, even before the advent of Sensolus’ academy.  

Today, the transparency on technical and commercial aspects allows partners to save valuable time and increase efficiency. Meanwhile, Connectic’s teams have an excellent knowledge of the solutions developed by Sensolus. This allows them to confidently position themselves on projects with high added value. By relying on regional bases of operations with the required support knowledge, Connectic is working to expand in Wallonia and France. 

Lasting relationship

This partnership brings enormous added value to Sensolus as well. Connectic has focused strongly on its activities in the French-speaking part of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and France. Regions where Sensolus is eager to establish a further foothold. “Connectic now knows our products and can roll out its expertise in these regions. We are happy to join this success story,” says Jeremy De Clercq, Head of Customer Success at Sensolus. “We built a lasting relationship together. Today, Connectic acts as Sensolus’ first-line support for its customers. We think that’s very important in a partner, among other things, to be able to scale successfully.” 

“By choosing Sensolus and Connectic, our customers, such as JOST and Carrefour Market, are assured of a solution based on cutting-edge technology. Fast and precise local support from Connectic’s regional offices ensures that the right solution is offered from a range of possibilities,” concludes Julien Hans.