Construction and rental fleet tracking

Whether you’re renting out machines and equipment or have a lot of equipment on construction sites, Stickntrack helps you gain visibility over your assets. Stop losing time locating your material, and know when an item unexpectedly leaves a site. Get more time to focus on optimizing asset allocation and improving your bottom line.

Why Stickntrack?

The benefits

  • No more time lost localizing material
  • Reduce machine and equipment downtime
  • Protect your equipment
  • Invoicing based on actual usage
  • Know when your machines need maintenance

Stickntrack is an end-to-end tracking solution that includes both easy-to-install hardware and user friendly software. Stickntrack translates data into accessible business intelligence that can increase allocation efficiency while reducing downtime and costs.

From optimizing equipment allocation to reducing machine downtime, to improved visibility on all your material, there are multiple ways to feel the benefits of using Stickntrack. By making use of the low power network Sigfox, Sensolus provides an easily scalable solution which enables a rapid return on your investment.


Location detection

Understand where your equipment is and has been


Set alerts when your equipment moves out- or inside a self-set perimeter


Adjust the settings to your needs and preferences


Get accurate prediction of tracker battery life based on asset behavior


Get notified for suspicious activity and detect improper use


Analyze asset data, download reports, …


Integrate with existing ERP systems


Get accurate data

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