Group Victor Peeters

"We chose Sensolus because of the robust trackers, suitable for industrial use cases and guaranteeing a long battery lifetime."
"We chose Sensolus because of the robust trackers, suitable for industrial use cases and guaranteeing a long battery lifetime."

Environmental services

Containers & machines

Benelux & Germany

Environmental services

Containers & machines

Benelux & Germany

Monitoring industrial machines & containers

The –originally Belgian– organization has grown into an international company operating from sites across Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. They use over 1200 containers to collect industrial waste and engineer special machines for industrial cleaning. Part of their container fleet and valuable machines are equipped with Sensolus trackers for location and utilization tracking.

Key takeaways

By using Sensolus, Group Victor Peeters:

  • Got rid of endless paperwork to register location & utilization
  • Has a full vision on container lifecycle
  • Detects potential theft in time
Tanker in the field

Getting rid of the paper stack & unreliable data

“In the past, truck drivers had to fill in a paper so-called container sheet”, Sven explains. This is a sheet on which everything had to be entered manually. It created a huge paper stack. Even with this data about location and utilization logged, Group Victor Peeters experienced difficulties with finding out quickly and accurately what happened to a container.

Another challenge they struggled with, was detecting theft of trucks, cars, machines, and containers. Since there was no way to actually verify utilization at a certain point in time.

Tanker with a boat in the background

“In the past, truck drivers had to fill in a container sheet. A paper sheet in which all the data about location and usage of containers had to be logged. This created a huge paper stack and made it hard to quickly find the right information.”

– By Sven Lindekens, Calculator at Group Victor Peeters

Sven adds, “I create solutions to optimize internal processes at Group Victor Peeters and am also involved in the purchasing of new technologies to do this. We realized it was time for a change, so I started exploring suitable solutions for our company.”

Selecting a robust, simple, cost-effective solution

Roaming around the internet brought Sven to us. “I compared Sensolus to SIM-based solutions and tiny-sized trackers. After a thorough comparison, Sensolus is by far the best fit for our use case”, Sven explains.

One of the factors that made Group Victor Peeters choose Sensolus, is the user-friendly platform. Sven mentions that “even older people within the company who are not tech savvy are able to navigate smoothly in the platform.”

Truck with the doors opened

Besides this, the easy installation with a magnet made it possible to roll-out the solution quickly and start using it in the field. Sven also adds “we chose Sensolus because of the robust trackers that are suitable for industrial use cases like ours and guarantee a battery lifetime of several years.”

“I looked at different solutions. Also at SIM-based solutions sending a location update every 15 minutes. This is not what we need, being pricy and not robust. We chose Sensolus because of the robust trackers, suitable for industrial use cases like ours, and guaranteeing a long battery lifetime.”

In short, the main factors that made Group Victor Peeters choose Sensolus are:

  • User-friendly platform
  • Easy installation
  • Robust tracker design
  • Long battery lifetime

Visualizing the whole lifecycle of containers & machines

After choosing Sensolus, it was time to start using it in the field. As mentioned, the installation went fairly easy and therefore a quick start with the solution was possible. Within Group Victor Peeters, Sensolus is mainly used by Eddy, Project Leader at the company and responsible for monitoring container utilization.

“Using Sensolus trackers and the platform, allows us to have a complete overview of the lifecycle of containers and machines. On top of that, we can also detect theft. A must when using expensive machines and containers.”

Combined with an app developed in-house, Eddy can now see the full lifecycle of containers and machines. How long where they at customers? When were they picked up? Are there circumstances indicating theft? This is no longer a secret to Group Victor Peeters, they are now the ones in control.

Do you also want full control and visibility on your assets? In a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way? Then fill out the demo request form to get in touch with our team and discuss your use case.

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