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September 2016 – Securex Health & Safety

Securex Health & Safety Department invited Sensolus for sharing our vision on the impact of  IoT on society in general, our way of working and o... LESEN SIE MEHR

August 2016 – E-wellbeing trial

From June till Augustus seven families in Aalst used the e-wellbeing application ÇAVA Sensolus invented and developed in collaboration with Studio Do... LESEN SIE MEHR

January 2016 – Sensolus goes Antarctica

Sensolus, Belgian Polar Secretariat and Sigfox announced a partnership for connecting the 2015-16 BELARE expedition, based in the Princess Elisabeth... LESEN SIE MEHR

November 2015 – 2nd price at EIT-Digital Challenge

Sensolus won the 2nd price at the EIT-Digital Challenge in the domain of Health and Well-being. This means they are perceived as the one of the best (... LESEN SIE MEHR

October 2015 – winner ELAN Language award

Sensolus is one of the winners of the ELAN Language startup competition. Sensolus is rewarded with an "in-kind" contribution of ELAN languages in tran... LESEN SIE MEHR

October 2015 – Trends top 50

Sensolus is pleased to be nominated with the STICKNTRACK product within the top 50 companies to invest in according to Trends / Tendances. Within our ... LESEN SIE MEHR

September 2015 – IoT Barcelona

Sensolus is visiting Barcelona to present our new product line of hardware based on Sigfox technology. Based on 12 months development and testing, the... LESEN SIE MEHR

June 2015 – Sigfox in Belgium

After a first announcement in March at the Mobile World Congress, last week it has been confirmed that Engie (former GDF Suez) rolls-out the Sigfox ne... LESEN SIE MEHR

March 2015 – ESA incubation – Innotek

Parallel to the market developments, Sensolus signed up with ESA-BIC, the incubation program of ESA (European Space Agency), which is serviced through... LESEN SIE MEHR

March 2015 – First generation Sensolus SNT Trackers

Sensolus worked hard to achieve the deadline of the product launch of Sensolus SNT Trackers at the Mobile World Congress 2015. After a serious team ef... LESEN SIE MEHR

December 2014 – DIoTTO – project update

The DIoTTO (IWT) project has as goal the support of independent living of seniors. We do this by creating an Internet-of-Things application for senior... LESEN SIE MEHR

December 2014 – Proxitag @ STIMA Congres 2014

Sensolus was happy to showcase their Proxitag-event application at STIMA Congres 2014, the annual International Marketing Event. The whole team, inlcu... LESEN SIE MEHR

October 2014 – Laureate of Booster program Deloitte Innovation Centre

Sensolus is laureate of the 2-year Booster program of the Deloitte Innovation Centre.  Sensolus is guided by experienced Deloitte mentors through a r... LESEN SIE MEHR

October 2014 – Sensolus wins ESA innovation award 2014

Sensolus SNT Trackers - a product of Sensolus - wins 3 prices at the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC): ESA 2014 special prize: ES... LESEN SIE MEHR

May 2014 – Bizidee 2014 – first ten

Sensolus is nominated within the first ten at Bizidee 2014, with a new product: Proxitag. Proxitag offers a "google analytics" alike solution for y... LESEN SIE MEHR