Track 1030

LYKANER - W-LAN - Sigfox

Der langlebige batteriebetriebene WIFI-Tracker mit  Manipulationsalarm.

Sensolus Track 1030

Technische Dokumentation

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Sigfox • Energy efficient tranceiver
• Bi-directional communication
• Regions: RC1
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi based geolocalization
Sigfox Atlas Network based geolocalization
Internal sensing • Relocation based on acceleration
• Physical tamper detection
Mounting options • Holes ∅5,2mm for rivets
Mechanics & design
Antennas All antennas are internal
Size 140 x 50 x 25mm
Weight 94 gram
Color Black
Casing Polycarbonate
Water & dust resistance IP65 & IP67
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C
Battery type • Up to 5000 messages (~7 years at 2 messages per day)
• Non replaceable battery (Li-SoCl2)
Regulatory CE
Sigfox certified RC1
User interaction
Device activation Activation with the tamper button
LED Feedback No LED feedback on the device
Synchronize remote settings Periodic: No user interaction needed
Management services
Diagnostics • 4 battery levels
• Communication quality
Management • Remote configuration
• Tracker usage profiles
Application services
Services • Localization
• Geozones
Firmware configuration
Communication service Data recovery configuration (optional)
General configuration • Time synchronization
• Boot methods
Location service Periodic and relocation parameters
Tamper service Physical tamper button at the back of the device
Encryptions Sigfox communication AES encryption