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December 2014 – DIoTTO – project update

The DIoTTO (IWT) project has as goal the support of independent living of seniors. We do this by creating an Internet-of-Things application for seniors and their informal caregiver. DIOTTO is a partnership between Sensolus, design agency Studiodott and technology company Waylay. The application is also co-created in close collaboration with seniors and caregivers from the living labpanel of the city of Aalst.

In the last six months, the project team blended into the lives of seniors and gathered their ideas and their vision on independent living. We went through a co-creation cycle with a group of seniors and their caregivers, challenging them with cultural probes, interviews, design proposals and much more. They provided us with critical reflections on our vision and product design.

An expert panel on IoT design also reflected on our ideas during the Human & Things workshop.

Find here the video presentations of the expert panel @ the Human & Things meet-up, the public event hosted in collaboration with CHI Belgium.

Finally we discussed the business opportunities of DIoTTO with the VOKA Health community and its members during multiple sessions.