Track & manage your equipment with an

Equipment tracking solution

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  • Low-power GPS trackers 
  • Interactive equipment map
  • Location & usage insights 
  • Scheduled reports 
  • Geofencing
  • Equipment alerts & dashboards
  • Plug & play solution

What is equipment tracking?

An equipment tracking solution gathers information about the location and usage of your equipment. Think of equipment like stillages, roll containers, cleaning equipment, etc. This information is collected by low-power GPS trackers attached to this equipment. Sensolus low-power GPS trackers are specifically designed for industrial use in the field. Furthermore, our trackers function autonomously and will only gather data when this is valuable for your use case. In turn, the collected information is transmitted to the cloud and web application where you can analyze it to optimize operational processes.

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Why should you track your equipment?

By providing your equipment with low-power GPS trackers you will always be aware of their location and usage. Low-power GPS trackers communicate via a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), which is optimized for low-power consumption and enables long-range communication. In other words, it is ideal for industrial use in the field. When using Sensolus, all the gathered data is transmitted to the cloud and web application. In the web application, you can analyze the data in custom dashboards. This creates transparency and eliminates time-consuming, manual tasks to locate equipment. Optimize your equipment usage, allocation, and stock management.

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Highlights equipment tracking

Track & manage your equipment

Location & usage insights

Always be aware of where your equipment is and how it is used

By simply attaching GPS trackers to your equipment, you always know where your equipment is and whether it’s used in a rightful way by customers or subcontractors. With all this data at your fingertips, you can improve equipment allocation and use it as a measurable KPI for your business. Easily steer decisions, starting from one dashboard that’s accessible anywhere, at any time.

Scheduled reporting

Generate insightful reports without even having to think about it

In a couple of clicks, you can define how often you would like to generate a report (once, daily, weekly, monthly) and to which people it should be sent. You can easily combine these scheduled reports with custom data filters to receive powerful insights. Gather all the information you need in your mailbox on a regular basis and say goodbye to reporting headaches.


Know what happens in areas that are important to you

With geofencing, you can create virtual boundaries for the areas you want to keep an extra eye on. As soon as these boundaries are violated, you will be notified about this via alerts. Sleep soundly and experience how geofencing can cut down theft and accidental loss of equipment. Furthermore, creating the right geofences will help you recover quickly from delivery and pick-up mistakes.

Equipment alerts & dashboards

Receive alerts about allocation, rotation, and retention of your equipment

Customize alerts in such a way that it suits your internal business logic. Our equipment tracking solution allows you to set-up alerts that can vary in severity and will show you how long it took for an alert to be resolved. Know when something strange arises and easily define the right amount of resources needed to solve the alert.


Why Sensolus?

Trusted solution 100k+ connected assets
Reliable & complete data 100 percent data recovery
Use case profiling Guided testing & training
Innovative services Driven by supply chain insights

A Sensolus customer story

How BOMA obtained a 360-degree view on their cleaning equipment

BOMA has been developing and distributing cleaning materials, products, and machines in the Benelux and France for over forty years. Known for its innovative entrepreneurship, BOMA aligns functional cleaning with excellent customer service. They rely on Sensolus to expand their existing data set and to be aware of the real-time location and (in)correct usage of their cleaning machines.

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