Track 1200

Wired GPS 2G Tracker

Track 1200 wired is a smart and waterproof GNSS tracker with Bluetooth connectivity and internal backup battery.

Location and activity

Smart location and activity detection

Continuous location updates

The wired trackers capture location updates every 2 minutes while moving and send the information to the Sensolus platform.

Journey/trip detection

The trackers allow to extract full and detailed journeys of assets between different locations.


Extract how often and how long your asset has been utilized to optimize your fleet or roll-out pay per use models.

A connectable sustainable tracker

More than location tracking

Travelled distance

The tracker sends it data to the cloud platform where the travelled distance of the tracker is shown.

Speed and direction

The speed and direction of your vehicle is captured by a built-in gyroscope.

Bluetooth scanning

The tracker can scan for BLE beacon trackers in the vicinity.


Designed for industrial use

Water and dust proof

The tracker has an IP65 rating and is water and dust proof.

Easy mounting

The tracker is very easy to mount with double sided tape.  2 screws make the connection with the car battery.

Fall back battery

The tracker is powered by external power source (vehicle battery) and has an internal battery as fallback.

Assets & Segments

Trucks and vans

  • Always know where your assets are
  • Easy access to travelled distance
  • Know the speed they travelled at
  • Easy access to travelled distance and direction

Most used applications

Inventory Management

Know at every moment where your assets are.

Utilization Management

Detect and find back stolen assets.

Process flow management

Optimize asset rotation times & detect flow anomalies.

Documentation technique

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Spécifications du produit

Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste détaillée des spécifications du produit.

Mobile network 2G (SIM-card is required)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
Mechanics & design
Sensors Accelerometer & gyroscope
Antennas • Internal High Gain GNSS antenna
• Internal GSM High Gain Celullar antenna
Size 92.5 x 57.6 x 14mm
Weight 63 gram
Color Black
Water & dust resistance IP65
Operating temperature -40 to 85°C (without temperature)
Storage temperature -40 to 85°C (without temperature)
USB 2.0 Micro-USB
Memory 128MB internal flash memory
Power supply • Input voltage: 10 - 30 V DC with overvoltage protection
• Back up battery: 170 mAh Li-Ion battery 3.7 V (0.63 Wh)
User interaction
LED Feedback 2 status LED lights
Regulatory CE/RED, EAC, REACH, RoHS
Mounting options • Double-sided tape
Application services
Services • Localization
• Journeys
• Activity
• Utilization
• Speed
• Travelled distance
• Connectivity with Bluetooth devices
Configuration and firmware update • FOTA Web
• Teltonika Configurator (USB, Bluetooth)
• FMBT mobile application (Configuration)
SMS • Configuration
• Events
• Debug
GPRS commands • Configuration
• Debug
Time synchronisation GPS, NITZ, NTP