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Heliot Europe joins Sensolus partner program, strengthening both parties’ position in the DACH region

Heliot Europe joins Sensolus partner program, strengthening both parties’ position in the DACH region

Sensolus welcomes Heliot Europe to its partner program. Building on previous collaborations, the partners join forces to strengthen their expertise and offerings in the DACH region, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. While Heliot Europe provides Sensolus with access to its IoT network, Sensolus shares its portfolio of solutions with Heliot Europe’s existing and new customers. Most importantly, this win-win for both parties will take the customer service to new heights thanks to Heliot Europe’s level one support offering.

A strong network and a mature tracking platform, a winning team

The collaboration is set to benefit both partners. On the one hand, it allows Heliot Europe to tap into a bigger customer network via Sensolus. On the other hand, Sensolus continues to use the Heliot Europe 0G network to track assets in its IoT platform. Heliot Europe specializes in large projects, ensuring Sensolus can tackle considerable asset collections as well. The main goal of the partnership is to make the most of customers’ data, by connecting hardware and software, in this case trackers installed on assets and a mature IoT platform for analysis and reporting.

“The IoT world is moving ten times faster than the ICT world, changes are taking place at lightning speed, which is why partnerships are more crucial than ever. In the past, we already relied upon the Sigfox network and we always have been very satisfied with its service, so we’re happy to strengthen our relation even further,” says Filip Van Lancker, Head of Partnerships at Sensolus.

Optimal customer service

Heliot Europe enables an expansion in the DACH region where Sensolus can rely on a strong and reliable network. The partnership merges the know-how of both parties to ensure an efficient service delivery. Heliot Europe also offers level one support, meaning that it is able to support its customers who have specific questions relating to Sensolus’ products.

“We aim to provide our customers with an optimal service. Therefore, I am convinced that this partnership has a lot of value. Through our participation in Sensolus’ partner program, we will be even more aware of and responsive to the needs of each other’s business,” says Elena Sztochay, Director Solutions Sales at Sigfox Germany.

Concrete plans ahead: cold chain monitoring

In the future, Sensolus partly wants to focus further on cold chain monitoring, so customers are able to track temperatures in containers, which is important to prevent food waste and be in check with compliance rules. Being able to track unpowered assets’ temperature instead of relying on a connection to a truck is an important step forward. This is made possible thanks to the partnership with Heliot Europe and its reliable network.

“We already carried out some pilot projects together with a supplier who’s in charge of last-mile delivery of meals to roadside restaurants. These meals should normally arrive at the customer in a frozen state. However, there is too little visibility regarding the state in which the products are being delivered. In the past, data loggers were used to monitor the temperature, but in that case you were dependent on an intermediary, namely the supplier. From now on, all information is collected in our platform where you can see if the product is delivered to the customer in the right condition. This visibility is important for liability’s sake,” concludes Filip Van Lancker.

About Heliot Europe

Heliot Europe is the exclusive operator of the global Sigfox 0G network in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Liechtenstein. This makes Heliot Europe the largest 0G network operator in Europe. The main shareholder in Heliot Europe is Cube Infrastructure Managers, a Luxembourg-based investment company specialising in the management of European infrastructure funds. Heliot Europe is also a founding member of the 0G United Nations Association, the international association of 0G network operators with currently over 55 network operators worldwide.

With its Sigfox 0G technology, Heliot Europe offers a cross-border, seamless as well as user-friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient network and helps companies to further transform their business model towards digital services in areas such as asset tracking, asset monitoring and supply chain management. The low-frequency radio technology is also a cost-effective alternative to the existing Narrowband Internet of Things (NBIoT). In addition, customers have access to the global Sigfox 0G ecosystem with nearly 1000 sensors and analytics tools to collect and analyse their data.

About Sensolus

Industrial companies typically have hundreds or thousands of valuable assets such as containers, trailers, boxes, equipment, or dollies. Often, you have very little data on these non-powered assets: where they are, how they are used, or even how they can be utilized better.

That’s where Sensolus comes in.

Connecting these assets to the internet enables you to know where specific assets are, detect issues in your processes and ensure full visibility when working with contractors or customers. You access the collected data on our powerful analytical platform, which is ready to use from day 1. The battery-powered trackers are easy to install and will work anywhere for five years. They don’t require any infrastructure and you can easily scale from small proof of value to a full-sized project.

Would you like to follow in the footsteps of Distrilog, Airbus, Suez, and Huurland? Find out more at sensolus.com.