How BOMA obtained a 360-degree view on their cleaning equipment

BOMA has been developing and distributing cleaning materials, products, and machines in the Benelux and France for over forty years. Known for its innovative entrepreneurship, they align functional cleaning with excellent customer service. BOMA relies on Sensolus to expand their existing data set and to be aware of the real-time location and (in)correct usage of their cleaning equipment.

Before using Sensolus, BOMA had no solution in place to track their cleaning machines. Each cleaning machine has a serial number via which historical data is provided. Secondly, service contracts with clients ensured they could monitor the cleaning machines now and then. The missing link for BOMA was real-time location and usage data of the cleaning machines. Where precisely is a cleaning machine located? And when did it move to another site?

Time after time, several cleaning brands BOMA cooperates with pushed advertising about tracking tools for their cleaning machines. This triggered the IT team to look into these solutions a little deeper. After doing some research the tools seemed rather expensive. What worried BOMA, even more, was that implementing these tools meant having a different tool for each different brand of cleaning machines. In other words, it meant fragmented data.

Why Sensolus is a good fit

The IT team started looking for a different alternative and researched multiple solutions, including Sensolus. BOMA’s main drivers in choosing Sensolus were the user-friendly interface, the easiness of integrating their existing database with our solution and the fact that there’s no additional infrastructure required to get started. Another reason to choose Sensolus, according to Stef Van Laerhoven, Manager Technical Services, is “the hands-on approach and open communication to create a strong solution, suitable for BOMA.”

“What makes BOMA and Sensolus a good fit, is the hands-on approach and willingness to communicate openly. We had one common goal, creating a strong solution suitable for BOMA.”
– Stef Van Laerhoven, Manager Technical Services

Creating transparency in customer communication

“When we deliver a cleaning machine, we share best practices with the customer on how to use the machine in an optimal way”, Stef mentions. For example, a cleaning machine can only be used for a couple of hours in a row per day. When this is exceeded, the battery warranty can no longer be guaranteed. However, without registered usage data, BOMA was left in the dark. By using Sensolus, they know if a cleaning machine is used in the way they recommend it. In other words, they can offer their clients a better service by making optimal use of the machine and they can protect themselves in case of incorrect usage by a client.

Real-time data improves efficiency

BOMA also uses Sensolus’ low-power gps trackers to pinpoint where exactly a cleaning machine is located. In the past, an incorrect registration of a cleaning machine or a stolen machine meant a time-consuming search to find back the cleaning machine. If they need the location of a cleaning machine today, Stef and his team can immediately see this in their Sensolus account, thereby saving a lot of time and reducing the risk of losing valuable resources.

Undiscovered potential

This year, Stef plans to extend the number of alerts. For example, he wants to detect movement of a cleaning machine outside a certain time period to have an idea of suspicious movements. In total, BOMA offers over 4500 stock items related to cleaning. In the long term, they want to optimize the planning of all this rental equipment with Sensolus.

By providing visibility into real-time location and usage, Sensolus helped BOMA follow-up on service contracts, ensure higher customer satisfaction and save man-hours searching for cleaning machines. Stef admits there’s much more to discover in the Sensolus platform, which makes the upcoming year exciting for him and his team.