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How to become a Sensolus partner

The Sensolus partner program is designed to make your onboarding process as smooth as possible. We have set up a step-by-step process that will help you become a partner, and there is a whole range of online resources that will help you make our partnership thrive.

By joining our Value-Added Reseller (VAR) network, you will unlock the wealth of tools that will set you up for success with selling, supporting and maintaining our solution – everything needed is within reach.

Let’s get you started on this journey:

Sensolus partner
How to become a Sensolus partner

Sign up and get in touch

Our team is excited to get to know you. Completing the form on our partner page is a great
first step, and we will take it from there. We want to ensure each, and every candidate
gets the chance to learn more about us, so instead of a quick phone call, we
will arrange an introductory meeting.

We are dedicated to discussing business opportunities and our innovative Go-To-Market strategies with you.

Make sure you complete the form and become part of our partner program today.

Partner enablement

As part of the VAR community, you will have access to some amazing tools that can help you grow your business. Enjoy a library of resources including courses and tutorials, marketing templates, and webinars catered specifically towards enabling our partners.

Here are some of the tools, to name a few:

Partner enablement kit

With our ‘A la carte’ partner enablement kit, we will help you build and configure your first case. A Sensolus engineer will personally assist to ensure your absolute confidence in the solution, tailored specifically for your use case! With multi-tenancy support from start to finish, it is designed with your customers’ needs in mind.

Sensolus academy

Get up to speed in our Sensolus Academy. Follow the full curriculum and receive our Specialist and Expert certifications.

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Our comprehensive learning modules supply the expertise needed to understand the solution and how it adds value for your clients. We make sure the information is easily understandable so that you can explain the Sensolus solution with confidence.

The awareness we cultivate in the classroom will lend itself to the sales enablement process for qualified leads and how to successfully perform ROI calculations.

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Partner portal

At the Sensolus Partner Portal, you can find our hub of resources for selling, supporting, and maintaining our solution. From marketing to technical documentation, seasonal webinar recordings, slide presentations, and more, everything you need to land the deal is available for you on this portal.

Demo portal

With the Sensolus Demo Portal, your key sales enabler, you have the power to give the best possible demos of the solution, with confidence. By tapping into the helpful tools available, you can present informative demos that show your customers the value they can gain.

Technical resources

We have an ever-growing collection of technical resources available for our partners. From installation guides to in-depth technical descriptions of our platform and trackers, our support zone has what you need to overcome hurdles.

Marketing resources

Maximize your market potential by using our print and digital marketing content! Whether through informational brochures or YouTube videos, we have options available for your own marketing efforts.

Go beyond promotions and consider working with us on co-branded material: hosting a virtual event together, or even partnering up at events and fairs.

And don’t forget social media is a powerful tool for sharing information. Connect with us and make sure you are following our posts to access the latest resources and event support that will help grow your customer base exponentially.

Integrate and differentiate

Find your specialty and become an integration expert with full API know-how. At Sensolus, we can help you do just that! We set up the tools needed to ensure your customers have the best experience possible. Not only that, but you can differentiate by taking advantage of one of our core segments: industrial manufacturing, waste management, or transport & logistics.

Join our eco-system of partners

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of your partner eco-system by connecting with peers, industry leaders, and Sensolus experts! Our annual partner event (and the biggest highlight of the year) is a wonderful opportunity to network, exchange ideas and expand your knowledge.

Are you ready to work with us?