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IoT increases operational efficiency

The Logistics, Supply Chain and Transportation 2023 report by Forbes Insights shows that business processes are transforming at full speed. Secondly, it shows that the help of technology is seen as essential to reach productivity gains. Technology like, for example, industrial IoT solutions to track your assets, create visibility and help you streamline operational processes.

IoT solutions to track your assets help you enhance manufacturing and industrial processes. By using smart sensors, like GPS trackers, you can connect all kinds of assets to the Internet. Think of (waste) containers, trailers, recyclable packaging, etc. This connectivity creates visibility and ensures that you gather complete data about the location and usage of your assets.

The video below explains how you can connect sensors, like Sensolus GPS trackers, to your assets and thus the Internet of Things. Furthermore, it also shows how connecting your assets gives you access to valuable business data to optimize operational processes.

Over the years, Sensolus has helped customers like AirbusBOMA, and Group-GTS with optimizing their supply chain and logistics.

Do you have a lot of assets to manage? Do you currently lack data about their location and usage? Feel free to contact us, so we can share our experience with you about asset tracking and using the collected data to enhance your operational processes.