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See how Sensolus helps industries unlock the value of their asset data.

Industrial manufacturing

Make sense of your complex logistics flows

  • Know where everything is
  • Detect and predict process delays
  • Reduce WIP
  • Monitor asset conditions
Industrial Manufacturing
Transport Tracking


Track and gain insights from your fleet

  • Eliminate time-consuming searches
  • Detect idling or underused assets
  • Ensure compliance
  • Anticipate theft


Unleash the power of data and use your waste containers efficiently

  • Full visibility of your waste containers
  • Detect unused and forgotten waste containers
  • Optimise pick-ups
  • Keep track of damaged waste containers
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Ground support equipment

Track your fleet for full visibility

  • Reduce search time
  • Ensure sufficient fleet capacity
  • Detect unauthorised usage
  • Save on maintenance costs


Gain visibility on your inbound and outbound flows

  • Monitor vehicles and parts during production
  • Eliminate production delays and bottlenecks
  • Automate yard management
Automotive tracking