Track your automotive supply chain

Streamline your processes from creation to delivery

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Monitor vehicles and parts during production
Eliminate produciton delays p9f5bqo8apgaqmhhrbq76ink8aciscwgbney5dztbk
Eliminate production delays and bottlenecks
Automate vehicle yard management
Automate yard management and save hours on stock counting
compliance monitoring
Ensure compliancy by holding sub-contractors accountable

Monitor vehicle components throughout the production process

It's more than just tracking, it is optimization.

Automotive supply chains contain thousands of complicated parts, so even a minor disruption can throw off entire production and delivery plans. Every shipment is susceptible to issues that could cause delays – there is simply no way to predict it.

That’s why Sensolus has created an end-to-end asset management solution. It opens up visibility on processes, assets, and contractors or customers; making sure operations run smoothly without blind spots.

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reduction in lost transport containers
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reduction in wrong pickups
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saved in container management costs
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hours saved in manual stock counting

Enjoy a return on investment

No more time and money spent looking for lost transport containers.

To better understand the value of investing in a tracking system with AI-driven data analytics software, we analyzed a business case of a company that deploys 2500 tracking units.

Monitor suppliers logistical flows

By tracking your RTP's, you keep track of your suppliers.

Drive end-to-end accountability throughout your operations by keeping track of the movement of your RTP’s when in transit with suppliers.

You can set up alerts to tell you whether your RTP is standing still for too long, or even in the in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Automotive Sensolus

Have a complete view of your supply chain and be alerted when there is an anomaly

Tailor our applications to your needs.


Process flow management

Monitor the flow of assets between sites, detect anomalies in your flows.

RTP Industrial manufacturing

Inventory management

Get precise data on the location of each part you need in order to move ahead with production.

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Condition monitoring

Be alerted if transport packaging has been opened.

Companies that trust Sensolus

"As well as being accurate, quick to deploy and energy-saving, it works great! The logistics data flow has significantly increased, providing more visibility for daily operations."
portrait of Maxime IoT technical specialist at airbus
Maxime Saraiva
IoT Technical specialist at Airbus

Popular equipment to track

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semi-finished product automotive industrial manufacturing

Semi-finished product

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Finished product

The most suitable trackers


TRACK 1000

Sensolus track 1010

TRACK 1010

Sensolus Track 1020

TRACK 1020

Sensolus Track 1030

TRACK 1030

Sensolus Track 1100

TRACK 1100

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