Sensolus for

Machine & Equipment Tracking

Always be aware of the location and usage of your machines and equipment. Gather data about the optimal allocation, use, and maintenance of machines. Simply by equipping them with GPS trackers. Creating this visibility will help you control your machines and equipment in an optimal way.


How can Sensolus help you?

Create full visibility
Pro-actively control your stock
Optimize allocation & maintenance

Obtain a 360-degree view on your equipment

A lot can happen to machines or equipment that stays with customers for a certain amount of time. An asset tracking solution will help you pinpoint where exactly your assets are located. Furthermore, it can help you check whether your assets are used in a rightful way.

Pro-actively control the stock of your machines and equipment

Having no solution to track your machines and equipment can result in unnecessary investments in new assets. By tracking the location and usage of your assets, you are able to control the stock of your machines on different sites. This automatic stock management will reduce your workload enormously and ensure you have enough assets but not too many.

Optimize allocation, usage, and maintenance

If you track your equipment or machines, you can proactively control the stock on different sites through automated inventories. And by identifying unused assets, you can improve their allocation. Knowing how and when your machines are used, will also ensure your maintenance is well-timed.  


Why Sensolus?

IoT Experts Trusted by 500+ customers
Business Analytics Custom Dashboards & Reporting
Customer Service Guided testing & training process
Reliable Solution Battery prediction & Data integrity