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Make sense of your complex logistics flows

Eliminate time-consuming searches
Detect idling or underused assets
Ensure compliant transport conditions
Anticipate theft

No more empty spots in your process flows

Manufacturing flows include Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP), containers, boxes, and pallets that are used for transporting parts in a bigger manufacturing process. They are often tracked manually or are totally invisible in your process, resulting in delays, blocked teams, or hunts for missing assets.

With our inventory management application you will always know where your assets are, how stock levels are evolving, and more.

Early detection and prediction of process delays

One of the main challenges for supply chains is ensuring that all parts arrive at the right time to avoid blocked processes and SLAs kicking in.

Is there a shortage or overload of RTPs at a certain stage of production? Are some RTPs taking too long moving from one stage to another?

Our flow management applications inspect and analyse how assets move between sites, detect slowing or blocked processes, and optimise the number of required RTPs for smooth process flows.

Follow up the conditions of your assets as part of your process or for regulation compliance

Some goods need careful handling during transport. For example, your shipment needs to remain in a specific orientation, kept within a temperature range, or not exposed to too much humidity.

With our environmental sensors, monitoring your goods is easy. And if you need a proof of correct transport or a problem occurs, you can find all the information you need with just one click on the Sensolus Platform.

Gather full data on (complex) logistics flows

Having full visibility of your assets in the manufacturing process makes it possible to optimise a diverse set of processes like hand-over, pick-up times, utilisation rates, or flow optimisation. This is always the first step in creating more efficient work processes.

This visibility also helps you to optimise costs and ensure that your employees find their work more enjoyable.

The most used trackers for industrial manufacturing

TRACK 1000

TRACK 1010

TRACK 1020

TRACK 1030

Commonly tracked industrial manufacturing assets

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP)

  • Prevent delays in your production line
  • Optimise RTP allocation and rotation
  • Know which RTPs are in use
Automotive tracking

Stillages and construction JIGS

  • Ensure safe delivery of your glass
  • Check if stillage is loaded
  • Use your stillages efficiently

Boxes and Pallets

  • Find assets with just one click
  • Check if a box is loaded or not
  • Fight back retention
"As well as being accurate, quick to deploy and energy-saving, it works great! The logistics data flow has significantly increased, providing more visibility for daily operations."
Maxime Saraiva
IoT Technical specialist at Airbus

How does it work?


The tracker works fully autonomous and can be installed very fast and easy.


The installer tracker automatically connects with the Sensolus cloud.

Analyse and Act

Gather powerful insights on the Sensolus mobile and platform.

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