Sensolus for

Waste management

Automate time-consuming tasks and give yourself the data and insights needed to eliminate inefficiencies in operational processes. Sensolus offers an all-in-one solution for waste container tracking, from low-power trackers to a web application. Turn your waste containers and trailers that pick-up waste into a web of smart objects.

Product plans

How can Sensolus help you?

Monitor waste container stock
Define waste container KPIs based on usage
Proof SLA compliance & ensure legal protection

Monitor waste container stock

No more manual inventory with the risk of human error. Your fleet is monitored by connecting your waste containers or trailers to the internet with our robust trackers. They capture the location and the amount of waste containers you have in stock. Check specific zones of interest and receive stock alerts when you’re low on stock or your stock is adding up.

Define waste container KPIs based on usage

A waste container that’s standing still for too long is highly inefficient. A waste container making too many stops in between is often suspicious. Utilization alerts make you aware of process deviations. This data helps you to define measurable KPIs. Optimize the number of waste container deliveries per week to increase efficiency. Compare waste container deliveries per department to ensure company-wide alignment.

Prove SLA compliance & ensure legal protection

Without accurate data, you risk not having the right proof in legal cases. Avoid time-consuming discussions with customers about SLAs. With our web application, you have an audit log at your fingertips, exposing all you need to know about the location and utilization of waste containers. Proof to customers that waste containers were delivered correctly.


Why Sensolus?

IoT experts Trusted by 500+ customers
Business analytics Custom dashboards & reporting
Customer service Guided testing & training process
Reliable solution Battery prediction & data integrity