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Unleash the power of data and use your waste containers efficiently

Full visibility of your waste containers
Detect unused and forgotten waste containers
Optimise pick-ups
Keep track of damaged waste containers

Have full visibility of the locations of all your waste containers

Automate waste container management

Keeping track of the location of waste containers often relies on time-consuming and error-prone human logging. Moreover, transport is often performed by sub-contractors further complicating your manual logging. This leads to long container hunts and the suboptimal use of your container fleet.

With our inventory management application, you will know where your waste containers are – the location, area and customer – at all times.

Detect and eliminate unused or forgotten waste containers

As waste containers are usually spread over a wide area, there’s a high chance that your fleet contains underused or forgotten containers. This results in you spending money on unused or even new containers because you’re uncertain how many containers are available.

Our utilisation monitoring application allows you to detect the utilisation rate of containers, re-assign the unused, and compare the utilisation rates between different areas or departments.

Optimise pick-up efficiency

Getting visibility on the number of times each container is emptied or its fill level, is difficult to follow up without automation. And without this data, it is difficult to optimise pick-up planning and manage your teams based on KPIs.

By monitoring the orientation events, deliveries, and fill levels of your waste containers, our accurate data can give you insights for waste container management

Efficiently managing damaged waste containers and maintenance schedules

Problems with containers are frequently detected by people in the field who often make a note of it on paper, which is cumbersome. Furthermore, some containers need more maintenance than others due to their higher utilisation rate. While you could plan maintenance for all your containers at once, this usually results in extra costs which should be avoided if possible.

Our mobile app simplifies declaring, finding, and following up container problems. Plus, our maintenance application enables you to plan maintenance tasks based on the frequency and length of time they are used, so you can plan maintenance efficiently.


Attach the Sensolus tracker to your returnable packaging or car with screws, tie wraps, or magnets.


The installed tracker automatically connects with the Sensolus cloud.

Analyse and Act

Gather insights instantly on the Sensolus platform by following up utilisation KPIs and defining anomalies and alerts.

The most used trackers in waste management

TRACK 1000

Commonly tracked assets waste management

Roll-off containers

  • Know when and how often your industrial bins have been emptied
  • Detect when containers are misused by a third party

Municipal and sorted waste containers tracking

  • Know when and how often your waste containers have been emptied
  • Monitor fill level
  • Monitor utilisation and plan maintenance efficiently