Specialized equipment

Know where your equipment is and when it is being used

Easily manage recurrent machine inspections
Get 100% visibility on your equipment
Know when equipment is used, even when rented to customers
Monitor theft and find back stolen equipment

Create a digital twin of your valuable equipment

Make the invisible, visible using our easy to install tracking solution.

From construction equipment to expensive cleaning machines, all of these assets have one thing in common, they can’t be automatically tracked, especially when rented to customers. Without a digital map of their location and use, it is often difficult for companies to optimize their use, manage existing inventories, and prevent theft.

Sensolus offers a simple tracking solution that creates a digital twin of this equipment, which puts the control back in your hands.

We offer you real business value

It's more than just a tracking solution, we offer a tangible return on investment.

Our cost-effective solution does not only help you keep track of your assets, it comes with a proven return on investment.

By effectively managing your inventory, thousands of euro’s can be saved on surplus inventory and stolen equipement.

Companies that trust Sensolus

“Looking at the costs and benefits, Sensolus offers exactly the solution non-powered rental equipment needs. Easy-to-install autonomous trackers, well-priced, ERP integrable.”
Pascal Ameloot
CEO at Huurland

Easily find your equipment on a customer's site

Locate your equipment on site using our mobile app.

When collecting rental equipment from a customer, the equipment isn’t always easy to find, especially at large sites.

Using our mobile-friendly app, you can be alerted that it is ready for collection, simply open up the map to see where it is, drive to the location and collect the equipment without wasting precious time.

A powerful & intuitive toolset

Utilization monitoring

Have an instant overview of your under- and overused equipment.


Pro-active maintenance planning

Theft protection

Detect unauthorized usage and theft.

Popular equipment to track

construction lift

Construction lifts

Construction or plant machinery

cleaning machine

Cleaning equipment

Any other non-powered equipment

The most suitable trackers


TRACK 1000

TRACK 1010

TRACK 1020

TRACK 1100

Success stories & partnerships

GPS tracking for construction equipment

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Customer Success Stories
LKQ Belgium is no longer losing track of valuable equipment thanks to Sensolus

LKQ is Belgium’s largest provider of aftermarket automotive parts, and rents out diagnostic equipment to garages and body shops across the country. To achieve visibility …

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Customer Success Stories
AC Environnement

AC Environnement tracks high value assets for operational performance improvement

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