Sensolus for

Supply Chain

Gather accurate data along your supply chain. This will enable you to control and monitor your supply chain operations in a more efficient and proactive way.


How can Sensolus help you?

Locate your Reusable Transport Packaging
Insights on Rotation & Retention
Ensure Contract Compliance

Effortlessly monitor assets

Nowadays locating an asset often involves manual input from drivers and calling around to know where exactly an asset is. Get rid of manual data input from drivers and time-consuming phone calls. In our application, location data for all your asset is gathered in one place.   

Reduce acquisition & maintenance costs

Gather insights in asset usage and estimate the total number of assets you will need. Because of a more efficient asset planning and allocation, fewer containers are needed leading to lower acquisition and maintenance costs.

Improve contract compliance

Easily check whether subcontractors in the supply chain meet their KPIs and contractual obligations and monitor and control your own procedures to prove you comply with contractual obligations.


Why Sensolus?

IoT Experts Trusted by 500+ customers
Business Analytics Custom Dashboards & Reporting
Customer Service Guided testing & training process
Reliable Solution Battery prediction & Data integrity