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Supply chain

Monitor non-powered assets (closed-loop containers, pallets, customer packaging, etc.) in your supply chain operations in a proactive way and know whether customers or subcontractors comply with agreed contracts. Gather accurate data about every step in your supply chain.

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How can Sensolus help you?

Monitor your assets
Insights into rotation & retention
Improve contract compliance

Effortlessly monitor reusable assets

Without a solution in place, time easily ticks away when you can’t find a non-powered asset. Think of non-powered assets like trailers, recyclable packaging, etc. Furthermore, having no solution requires manual input and thus human error is not unthinkable. Get rid of this old-fashioned process. Sensolus will help you monitor the location and usage of your assets effortlessly.  

Control capacity proactively

If your success relies on complex logistics, do yourself a favor and rely on automatic inventories. In this way, you can pro-actively control your assets and detect unused assets. Which in turn allows you to deeply understand the allocation, rotation, and retention of assets.

Improve contract compliance

With a lot of subcontractors or customers, it can be challenging to have a full view of whether everyone respects contract terms and meets requirements. With Sensolus you can easily check whether subcontractors meet their KPIs and contractual obligations and control your own procedures as well.


Why Sensolus?

IoT experts Trusted by 500+ customers
Business analytics Custom dashboards & reporting
Customer service Guided testing & training process
Reliable solution Battery prediction & data integrity