Transport and logistics

Track and gain insights from your fleet

Reduce time-consuming asset searches and retrieval costs
Optimize asset utilization and maintenance schedules
Ensure compliant transport conditions
Fully automated inventory and digital log of whereabouts

A single platform that will optimize fleet management

Track, connect, analyze and act.

Boost your operational efficiency by monitoring the location, movement and condition of your trailers, containers, trans pallets, forklifts, tankers and reefers.

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reduction in manual logging
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reduction in lost assets
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increase in trailer utilization

See the results of your investment within 3 months

No more time and money spent looking for lost assets.

To better understand the value of investing in a tracking system with AI-driven data analytics software, we analyzed a business case of a company that deploys 500 tracking units.

Companies that trust Sensolus

“It's key for us to know what’s happening to a trailer on a customer’s site and whether the trailer is used in the right way.”
Benny Meyen
General Manager at TDS Logistics

Inform your customers about deliveries

Monitor your transportation schedule using our mobile app.

Your customers want to know the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of their deliveries. Even when assets are running late, they still want to be informed.

With our application you will always know where your trailers are. Shipment data from an ERP can be linked to your assets, so it is easily accessible for your drivers through the web app, mobile app and API.

Have a complete view of your fleet and be alerted when there is an anomaly

Configure our solution and manage your fleet by exception.

Inventory management

Know where your assets are, saving you valuable time.

Utilization monitoring

Have an instant overview of your under- and overused trailers.

Condition monitoring

With our environmental sensors, monitoring the temperature of goods is easy.

Popular assets to track




Reefers and tankers

Flatbed trailers

The most suitable trackers

TRACK 1000

TRACK 1010

TRACK 1020

TRACK 1200

TRACK 1201

TRACK 1202

Success stories & partnerships

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Customer Success Stories
Sensolus helps Oegema Transport track their transport fleet

With three hundred of its own trucks, four hundred trailers, and another hundred or so electric pallet trucks and transportable forklifts, it was becoming increasingly …

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