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Track and gain insights from your fleet

Eliminate time-consuming searches
Detect idling or underused assets
Ensure compliant transport conditions
Anticipate theft

Eliminate time-consuming trailer hunts

Without trailer tracking, it can be difficult to know the location of your trailers at all times. They could be in multiple car parks, detached at customer sites, or transported via subcontractors. This leads to time-consuming hunts for your assets.

Our inventory management application allows you to always know where your assets are, saving you valuable time.

Eliminate production delays and bottlenecks

Detect idling or underused trailers

Without clear data on how your trailers are used, your planning will be inefficient and you might under- or over-estimate your assets, leading you to make unnecessary investments in new trailers or trailer leasing.

The utilisation application gives you an instant overview of your under- and overused trailers.

Ensure compliant transport conditions

When transporting valuable or sensitive goods, exceeding specific parameters might come with an extra cost or consequences, such as the need to destroy the goods for quality reasons.

With our environmental sensors, monitoring the perishability of goods is easy. And if you need a proof of correct transport or a problem occurs, you can find all the information you need with just one click on the Sensolus Platform.

Inform your customers about deliveries

Your customers want to know the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of their deliveries in real-time. Even when assets are running late, they still want to be informed.

With our application you will always know where your trailers are. Shipment data from an ERP can be linked to your assets, so it is accessible through the web app, mobile app and API. It’s also possible to give your customers access to location data for shipments coming their way.

Anticipate trailer theft

On average 8% of a trailer fleet gets stolen every year. A lack of insight on trailer theft is a money drain that you can significantly reduce.

Our theft protection application allows you to detect when assets leave a safe zone or any abnormal process behaviour happens, so you immediately receive an alert for anything suspicious. Prompt information helps you to anticipate theft and quickly find back stolen assets.


Attach the Sensolus tracker to your returnable packaging or car with screws, tie wraps, or magnets.


The installed tracker automatically connects with the Sensolus cloud.

Analyse and Act

Gather insights instantly on the Sensolus platform by following up utilisation KPIs and defining anomalies and alerts.

The most used trackers for transport

TRACK 1000

TRACK 1010

TRACK 1020

TRACK 1200

TRACK 1201

TRACK 1202

Commonly tracked assets in transport


  • Always know where your trailers are
  • Follow up usage and mileage
  • Know when a door is opened
  • Monitor transport conditions
  • Monitor people inside

Reefers and tankers

  • Monitor transport conditions
  • Follow up maintenance
  • Locate a vehicle
  • Detect vehicles stationary for long periods

Transport containers

  • Always know where your containers are
  • Know when a container is emptied
  • Monitor transport conditions
  • Locate a container
  • Yard management


  • Track your transpallets indoor and outdoor
  • Long battery lifetime
  • Smaller tracker size to fit on your transpallet

Flatbed trailers

  • Track your flatbed trailers at any port
  • Multiple years of battery lifetime
  • Extremely rugged trackers suitable for field use 

Customers that unlocked their transport data

“It's key for us to know what’s happening to a trailer on a customer’s site and whether the trailer is used in the right way.”
Benny Meyen
General Manager at TDS Logistics

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