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Track your fleet for full visibility

Reduce search time
Ensure sufficient fleet capacity
Detect unauthorised usage
Ensure quality of goods during transport
Save extra maintenance costs and time

Reduce search time for GSE and lost ULD's

An airport has an enormous amount of different assets, such as ULDs, trolleys, and tow bars, in a small space, so it’s not always easy to find your assets when you need them.

Our inventory application provides you with the location data you need to instantly find your assets. It can also show the number of assets in different areas and much more.

Detect forgotten or underused assets

Locating assets, detecting assets that are lost, and discovering which of your assets are underused will reduce the likelihood that you have an oversized asset fleet or need to make unnecessary investments to replace assets that just cannot be found anymore.

The utilisation application gives you an instant view on lost or underused assets and allows you to manage your assets based on utilisation KPIs instead of gut feeling.

Detect unauthorised usage

It can be difficult to control and supervise GSE and ULDs usage as they are used by many people. This makes it almost impossible to detect which actor is responsible for an accident or a major defect.

Our flow management applications allow you to define geo-fences and flows to warn you when assets are located in unauthorised or dangerous areas and find out who was responsible for it.

Ensure quality of goods during transport

While transporting perishable or sensitive goods, it is often required, from a legal or quality perspective, to measure the conditions such as temperature, humidity or shocks.

With our environmental sensors, monitoring your goods is easy. And if you need a proof of correct transport or a problem occurs, you can find all the information you need with just one click on the Sensolus Platform.

Keep control of maintenance quality, costs and time

Airports are harsh environments for assets. Keeping track of broken assets, as well as their periodic, often regulatory, maintenance, can be a challenge.

Our mobile app simplifies declaring, finding, and following up on any ULD, trolley or other equipment with problems. Moreover, the maintenance application plans maintenance tasks based on frequently and how long they are used, so you can plan maintenance efficiently.


Attach the Sensolus tracker to your returnable packaging or car with screws, tie wraps, or magnets.


The installed tracker automatically connects with the Sensolus cloud.

Analyse and Act

Gather insights instantly on the Sensolus platform by following up utilisation KPIs and defining anomalies and alerts.

The most used trackers for air cargo management

TRACK 1000

TRACK 1010

TRACK 1020

Commonly tracked assets on airports and aviation

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

  • Get the right GSE at the right moment
  • Proactively modify the amount of needed GSEs
  • Ensure visibility and traceability

Unit Load Devices (ULD)

  • Get the right ULD at the right moment
  • Eliminate unauthorised usage
  • Monitor the temperature conditions of your ULDs

Luggage and Packaging Transport

  • Know where your assets are piled up or running low
  • Eliminate over- and under-usage
  • Gather insight on how many assets you actually need
"It is important for us and for our customers to know at what time and on which days our assets are used the most, so we can allocate them adequately. We chose Sensolus because it is the best product in the market. Very rugged trackers with a battery life of up to 5 years, and the platform reporting is top of the line."
Mathias Heylandskjer
Telematics Project Coordinator at TCR International

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