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Kinsetsu and Sensolus: to new markets and beyond with ktrack IoT

Kinsetsu and Sensolus: to new markets and beyond with ktrack IoT cover

Hello traceability, hello compliance, hello assurance!

Established only six years ago and at the cusp of the digital transformation mega-trend, Kinsetsu continues to drive positive change within numerous industries. Their mission is to provide intelligent asset management and tracking solutions to private and public sectors in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Kinsetu's leadership team takes an innovative approach to designing custom solutions. They offer the perfect blend of IoT, connectivity, and software layers to deliver transformational business outcomes.

Thanks to ongoing discussions with existing customers and new prospects, Kinsetsu was able to identify a growing demand for active locating. Particularly in tracking assets external to the customers' premises.

That's where Sensolus comes in.

Kinsetsu recognized Sensolus as a company that offers significant capabilities in this area, and has now augmented its solution portfolio with Sensolus trackers.

"The Sensolus technology is at a sweet spot in terms of price and performance. It allows Kinsetsu to extend the range of solutions it can offer to new and existing customers. Equally, the common culture between Sensolus and Kinsetsu, and how we do business together, is very important." – Ken Moran, Kinsetsu.

Merging Sensolus technology with ktrack, an-end to-end IoT solution

Kinsetsu implements end-to-end solutions based on its core IoT platform, ktrack, a sensor technology agnostic platform. This allows Kinsetsu to integrate whatever sensors that are required to deliver the optimal outcome for the customer, and using API, data intelligent platforms like Sensolus can ensure that ktrack offers a complete, and holistic solution.

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As the Systems Integrator, Kinsetsu's primary role is to design, deploy, and support the end-to-end IoT solution, bringing together all the components for real-time locating, including the Sensolus technology – a key ingredient to the overall solution.

Kinsetsu can now offer passive, active, and hybrid solutions to its customers, all connected and managed from within the Ktrack IoT platform. This has created an additional revenue stream, allowing them to enter new market sectors.

Looking to the future

We are excited to see what the future holds for this partnership. The Kinsetsu and Sensolus team has worked diligently to create a solution that will benefit market segments around the world.

"Kinsetsu is an absolute strategic Partner for Sensolus. They are passionate about innovation and relevant emerging technologies. They help customers introduce sensor-based and automation technologies. Which maximize efficiencies, enhance staff utilization and ensure organizational compliance." – Joseph Kohlhoff, Regional Sales Head, Sensolus

If you are looking for an asset tracking solution that provides optimized operations, full visibility, reduced WIP time and more… be sure to get in touch. We would be happy to discuss how our solution can help your business thrive!

About Kinsetsu

When properly designed and implemented, IoT solutions help organizations transform via more efficient delivery models. Reducing the costs associated with intensive manual processes. Gaining strategic benefit from IoT investment requires careful planning and analysis to avoid end-point solutions, data islands, and non-enterprise-ready technology. The introduction of IoT creates new demands in areas such as security and interoperability. And it's important to choose the right partner.

Kinsetsu brings market-leading knowledge, experience, and a wholly strategic approach to client projects. We create and enable IoT strategies. We build digital bridges between critical assets and business systems, and automate and validate processes to empower decision-making and improve productivity.

About Sensolus

Industrial companies typically have hundreds or thousands of valuable assets such as containers, trailers, boxes, equipment or dollies. Often, you have very little data on these non-powered assets… where they are, how they are used or even how they can be utilized better. That's where Sensolus comes in.

Connecting these assets to the internet enables you to know where specific assets are, detect issues in your processes and ensure full visibility. You access the collected data on our powerful analytical platform, which is ready to use from day 1.

The battery-powered trackers are easy to install and will work anywhere for five years. They don't require any infrastructure. You can easily scale from small proof of concept to a full-sized project.