Track & manage your non-powered assets with a

Low-power GPS tracker

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  • Battery life up to 5 years
  • No infrastructure required 
  • Easy-to-install 
  • LPWAN communication 
  • Built-in security

What is a low-power asset tracker?

Low-power GPS trackers are designed specifically to track non-powered assets. A non-powered asset is an item or piece of equipment that does not have an internal battery or power source. Traditionally, it has always been challenging to connect non-powered assets to the Internet. Until low-power GPS trackers entered the picture. These trackers function autonomously and will only gather data when this is valuable for your use case, guaranteeing a long battery life. With Sensolus, all the data collected by the GPS trackers can be consulted in an easy-to-use platform, providing you with insightful analytics and custom-made reports.

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Why use low-power GPS trackers?

By equipping your non-powered assets with low-power GPS trackers you will always be aware of their location and usage. This type of trackers communicates via a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), which is optimized for low-power consumption and enables long-range communication. In other words, it is ideal for industrial use in the field. You can, for example, track custom packaging that travels between different sites or equip your trailers with trackers.

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Highlights low-power GPS tracker

Track & manage your non-powered assets

Battery life up to 5 years

Years of functioning without battery replacement

Our low-power trackers are often used in an industrial environment. An environment in which assets travel around between different sites a lot or aren’t that easy to access. In this case, you want a tracker that can function for years without having to replace the battery. Our trackers guarantee a battery life up to five years, depending on the configuration of the tracker.

No infrastructure required

Ideal for usage in extreme field conditions

Our low-power trackers are designed to endure harsh conditions. They are both water and shock resistant, being IP68 or IP69K, and IK08 certified. Before installing them in the field, our trackers are tested over and over again to ensure they function optimally in the field.

Modular configuration

Extend the tracker’s functionality to fit your use case

Once your use case is crystal-clear, you can choose the components needed for this specific use case. Do you need Bluetooth components for indoor tracking on top of GPS and network-based geolocation? Do you only need an acceleration sensor or can a pressure sensor also be useful? This modular configuration of the tracker allows you to cut costs and ensure a perfect fit with what you need.

Easy to install

Attach the tracker to the asset in a simple way

Our low-power trackers are very easy-to-install. The advantage of low-power trackers is that there is no additional infrastructure (cables, SIM card, etc.) required. Simply install the tracker on your assets and it directly connects to the cloud, sending you all the data you need.

LPWAN communication

Communicate at low power over a long-range

Our low-power trackers use an LPWAN to communicate. Due to the fact that this is wireless communication, there is no need to install costly wires. LPWANs are specifically build to communicate small data over a long-range. A good fit with industrial asset tracking use cases. Balancing energy use and optimal usage of geolocation technologies is a key aspect of our solution. By combining several geolocation technologies (GPS, WiFi, BLE, network-based) we guarantee that only valuable information is gathered while consuming the least possible energy.

Built-in Security

Guarantee that your data is safe

Our low-power trackers have an end-to-end payload encryption to ensure your data is secure at all times. Every device holds a set of unique security keys. For example, for provisioning and communication. This raises the security of the data to an even higher level.


Why Sensolus?

Trusted solution 100k+ connected assets
Reliable & complete data 100 percent data recovery
Use case profiling Guided testing & training
Innovative services Driven by supply chain insights

A Sensolus customer story

Why Airbus chose Sensolus to streamline logistics activities for the whole group

Airbus is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services, and solutions. A better-connected, safer world is what they strive towards. Not only for their customers but also for themselves. That’s why they decided to implement our asset tracking solution to manage and optimize the logistics activities for the entire group.

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