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Sensolus Ultra

Today we welcome the Sensolus Ultra to the world of asset tracking and to our Sensolus solution. What’s new? Well, the Ultra is your trusted Sensolus tracker that gathers asset data, which is then sent to the cloud (via the LPWAN of Sigfox), but the ultra is specifically designed to track those assets that reside in very harsh industrial conditions. We’ve designed its casing to be extra rugged, so that it’s perfectly suited for heavy industrial situations. In addition, we made its installation even simpler, by providing magnetic activation to activate the tracker.

The Ultra is thus more resistant to water, dust and shocks. What makes the casing so rugged? It comes with the latest generation of UV stabilized and flame retardant plastics. UV stabilized means the tracker can operate outdoors for many years, without impacting the rigidity of the plastic and a flame retardant plastic will limit the risk of fire in extreme environments. Lastly, we provided the tracker with a venting membrane to protect the electronics on the inside from the hazards of extreme environments such as dust ingression, condensation, or corrosion. It’s also IP68 and IP69k certified (IP=Ingress Protection). IP68 means it’s resistant to dust and protected against submersion in liquids. IP69k means it’s protected against dust and against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs. So, with this Ultra tracker, Sensolus can perfectly be used for tracking and managing your assets that have to withstand really harsh and heavy conditions.

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