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Non-powered asset tracking

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  • Low-power GPS trackers with 5 years of battery
  • No additional infrastructure required
  • Create transparency in your operations
  • Unlock your assets full potential
  • Custom dashboards & reports

What is non-powered asset tracking?

Before stating what non-powered asset tracking is, let’s clarify what we mean with non-powered assets in this context. Non-powered assets are objects that do not have an internal power source. Think of assets like trailers, containers, custom packaging, etc. Non-powered asset tracking is a solution to track the location and usage of these non-powered assets in an energy-efficient way. At Sensolus, we offer an end-to-end asset tracking solution for both outdoor and indoor tracking. The low-power GPS trackers you attach to your assets will transmit data to the cloud. In turn, you can use our web application to analyze the collected data and ultimately optimize your business processes.

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Why use an asset tracking solution?

Using an asset tracking solution for non-powered assets can impact your business enormously. Especially if your business relies on complex logistics or if your non-powered assets play a crucial role in your daily operations. This is, for example, the case for one of our customers active in aerospace. They have thousands of loops with logistics means that travel between suppliers and their own sites. Tracking these logistic means enables them to correctly size the number of logistic means needed per loop and at the same time maintaining the production rate. As this example shows, it is key to create visibility. Implementing an asset tracking solution like Sensolus can help you improve business processes of which you currently lack data and insights.

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Non-powered asset tracking highlights

Create visibility

Stop searching for non-powered assets

Running around on-site to locate a trailer, calling to several colleagues to know where exactly that one specific container is. Sounds familiar? Get rid of these frustrating manual processes. Tracking the location and usage of your assets will create visibility and transparency. In this way, you no longer have to spend time on searching for your assets.

Control capacity pro-actively

Know at all times how many assets you have in stock

Do you have assets spread across a lot of different sites? Or do your assets often move between different locations? If this is the case, it can be challenging to keep an overview. With automatic stock management in an asset tracking solution, you can see in a glimpse what your asset capacity is.

Identify unused assets

Detect, identify, and allocate unused assets

Implementing an asset tracking solution will give you insights into the use-rate of your fleet. Even more, it will help you understand which assets aren’t used and how you can put them to use in an optimal way.

Improve asset rotation

Discover patterns in your asset movements

If your assets move between different sites, it is crucial to know how and when they move. By using an asset tracking solution, data about your asset movements are available to you in just a couple of clicks.

Optimize business processes

Focus your attention on moving your business forward

Instead of having to deal with manual tasks, an asset tracking solution automatically hands you the tools you need to optimize your business processes. It does this by combining the power of sensor technology and business analytics.


Why Sensolus?

Trusted solution 100k+ connected assets
Reliable & complete data 100 percent data recovery
Use case profiling Guided testing & training
Innovative services Driven by supply chain insights

A Sensolus customer story

Why Airbus chose Sensolus to streamline logistics activities for the whole group

Airbus is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services, and solutions. A better-connected, safer world is what they strive towards. Not only for their customers but also for themselves. That’s why they decided to implement our asset tracking solution to manage and optimize the logistics activities for the entire group.

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