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Partnership for the transport and logistics industry: Sensolus and Deutsche Telekom offer IoT-asset tracking as a joint effort

The Belgian scale-up Sensolus and Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH are starting a co-operation to jointly offer a powerful solution for intelligent asset tracking and management using IoT technology (Internet of Things) to companies in the industrial, transport and logistics industries in Germany.

Emanouel Tachtsoglou Industrial T IoT

“IoT technology offers huge opportunities for tracking and managing their assets, achieving efficiency gains and implementing new business models to companies, in particular, in the industrial, transport and logistics sectors,” says Emanouel Tachtsoglou, IoT Expert and Partner Manager at Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH, outlining the market. “Containers, pallets, crates or trailers – companies that not only locate such carriers with precision, but also systematically evaluate their movement and status data, can optimize use of their assets, thereby making processes more efficient and saving costs. With Sensolus, we are expanding our partner portfolio in the field of IoT solutions. By doing so, we are able to offer our customers in Germany an intelligent solution for the asset tracking and management of their non-powered assets.”

Different grades of GPS trackers are available on the market. In addition to robust, battery-saving and functional hardware that can be precisely set up for a wide variety of customer requirements, Sensolus’ tracker portfolio offers a mature platform with extensive functionality for management, data analysis and optimization. In addition, the Belgian IoT company also provides comprehensive German-language support in Germany.

IoT asset tracking and management by Sensolus and Deutsche Telekom

For successful asset tracking projects, companies need three central components: tracking hardware, a highly available IoT mobile network that relays tracker positions and metrics, and a management platform that allows companies to manage their assets. Together, Sensolus and Deutsche Telekom offer precisely that to their customers:

  • Industrial tracking hardware: Sensolus provides wireless, battery-powered trackers that can even withstand harsh conditions thanks to their robust design. The trackers have an intelligent motion and tilt detection system that can be supplemented with sensors – for example, for temperature and filling levels. They communicate data not only in an encrypted but also in an energy-saving manner via Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), thereby allowing their batteries to last for at least five years.
  • Narrowband IoT network: Low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) are the right choice for many IoT applications because energy consumption, building penetration, battery life and, above all, costs play an important role: NB-IoT is a globally standardized mobile communications technology for this. Deutsche Telekom provides it for the networking of Sensolus trackers, enabling highly specified connected asset management.
  • Management platform: For the configuration of its trackers and the management of the company’s assets, Sensolus offers a cloud-based management platform that is easy to use via a plug-and-play approach. It not only locates the networked assets and displays them on the map, but also supports companies with comprehensive functionality through AI-supported analysis and evaluation of tracker data. These include, for example, the areas of inventory management, workflow, utilization, and status monitoring. In this way, fleet managers gain valuable insights that help them to optimize their processes and save costs.
Sensolus CTO Johan Criel 1

“Asset tracking and management can only ever be as good as the network that enables data transmission,” explains Johan Criel, Co-Founder and CTO at Sensolus. “It is important to find a network provider who knows the specific requirements of IoT applications and offers suitable network services. We are very pleased that Deutsche Telekom, as the market-leading provider in Germany, is working with us and is supporting the implementation of our end-to-end solution with its highly available NB-IoT network, which particularly benefits companies from the transport, logistics, and the industry sector.”

Sensolus Filip Van Lancker 1

“Over the past few years, we have worked hard to continuously improve the performance of our trackers, as well as the functionality of the Sensolus asset management platform,” adds Filip Van Lancker, Head of Partnerships at Sensolus. “Across Europe, more than 175,000 of our customers’ trackers are already connected to our platform. Now we are proud to be able to offer our solution to a wide range of companies in Germany together with Deutsche Telekom.”

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