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Branding add-on

Apply your corporate identity to the Sensolus platform

Make the Sensolus platform yours with:

Branded login page

Branded Application

Branded Emails

Custom URL

Branded Reports

Branded login page

Adapt the login page with:

  • Your corporate logo
  • Your corporate background image or color

Branded application

On all the application pages you can: 

  • Replace the Sensolus logo with your corporate logo
  • Adapt the top bar to your corporate color.

Branded e-mails

Adapt the lay-out of the e-mails sent from the Sensolus platform with your corporate logo and color scheme.

Also, add the name of your company to the title of the e-mail.

Custom URL

Customize the URL to access the platform with your corporate name or any other name.

The custom URL can be:

  • Sensolus subdomain (e.g. bluewave.sensolus.com).
  • Your own domain (eg. www.bluewave.com).

Branded reports

Add your company logo on your report info page.