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Enterprise security add-on

Fine-tune access rights, tailor to your organization & processes

Make the Sensolus platform yours with:

Single sign on

Custom user profiles



Single sign on

Easy access to the platform

Leverage your already existing identity management infrastructure (e.g. Azure, GSuite and Active Directory) so users can authenticate themselves using their organisation’s credentials and have one fewer password to remember.

Custom user profiles

Restrict access to specific platform features

There are multiple reasons why not all users of an organization should  have access to all platform features all the time. For example, plant managers may only see the map with the current locations of the assets but nothing about the locations of the assets in the past.

Thiis easy to solve with the custom fine-grained user profiles.

Custom user profiles 300x220 1
Visibility filters 300x242 1

Visibility filters

Restrict access to a subset of trackers.

If you want to give different users access to a different subset of trackers but still want to centrally manage the whole tracker fleet, tagging your assets with visibility filtercan do the job. 

It is possible to always give the same users access to the same subset of trackers, or you can make it change dynamic and automated.

Extended audit log

Record key activities in an audit log

The Sensolus platform records key activities in an audit log. This van be useful to help diagnose problems or can be used for security purposes.

Key activities are any modifications to configuration data (creation, update or deletion) in the platform.

Some examples are: 

  • changing the name of a tracker,
  • creating a geozone,
  • deleting an alert rule.

The audit log data is retained for 1 year.

Customizable access rights enable new business cases

Use the user-friendly wizard and tagging system to give diverse access rights to your customers, suppliers, company departments or other third parties. By only temporarily giving access to a subset of trackers or a subset of platform features value is created for a wide variety of professionals who have different demands.

Customizable access rights enable new business cases

Visibility filters 1 min

Limit transport companies’ visibility

Manufacturing companies often collaborate with different transport companies for deliveries to their customers. But the transport companies can only see the current location of the trailers assigned to them.

Visibility filters 2 min

Show only your customer's shipment

The logistics company sees every package sent to its customer but wants customers only to see the packages that are shipped to them and not to the other customers.

Visibility filters 3

Hierarchical departments visibility

In many larger organizations, the Sensolus platform is used by multiple departments. Each department can only access the assets that are relevant to them.