Asset trackers

Beacon trackers

A variety of ways to track our beacon trackers

Beacon trackers require 3rd parties for localisation and communicating their position and sensor values to the internet.  We provide several ways to do this.

Tracking at dedicated places

Tracking tags can be localised at dedicated zones using fixed BLE anchors. Assets equipped with tracking tags can also use real-time zone scanning and high-precision infrastructure.  This means connected trackers and tracking tags can be tracked using the same infrastructure.

In-transit tracking

Tracking tags can be localised in transit by the Sensolus NB-IoT / LTE-M trackers. They scan for nearby tags and send their information to the cloud platform.

When there are no trackers nearby, the tags are temporarily ‘invisible’.

Combining tags and connected trackers

Customers with a lot of Sensolus connected trackers on their sites or in their flows can use them to communicate the location of the tracking tags attached to low-cost assets.

Nomadic tracking

Smartphones or tablets are often used within work processes. These mobile devices can be used as for zone scanning which extends localisation and communication without fixed infrastructure.

Key characteristics

Communication servicebig

Gateway based communication
Detected by a gateway (fixed, mobile, etc.)

Battery color

Extreme battery life
Depending on use case

Beacon trackers

Multiple form factors
Puck, card

Industrial Strength color

Industrial strength
IP68, IP69, IK10, UV stabilised

Decrease costs

Very cost effective
Most cost effective solution

Inferred location

Inferred location
Location inferred through gateway

Transport condition monitoring2X

Additional sensor
Variants with extra sensors available

Edge intelligence

Edge intelligence Logic on the sensor ensures it is aligned to the use case

Self install mounting options

Self-install mounting options
Screws, straps, tape

Self install in less than a minute

Self-install in less than a minute