GB 3000

Standalone geobeacon anchor

The battery-powered geobeacon for optimization of indoor tracking and zone accuracy of your assets.

Compatibility Compatible with all Sensolus trackers with BLE localization
Transmission power Variabel transmission power up to 100 meter.
Mounting options Double adhesive mounting tape
4 closing screws
2 mounting screws
2 plastic dowels
Mechanics & design
Antennas On board PCB antenna
Size 95x 45 x 24.5 mm
Color Black
Water & dust resistance IP65
Battery type • 5 years battery life depending on operating mode
• 2 user replaceable AA lithium batteries
User interaction
LED feedback Green & red LED feedback
Management services
Diagnostics • Battery lifetime prediction
• Detailed energy consumption
• Geolocation diagnostics
• Installation
• Communication quality
Management • OTA firmware updates over BLE
• Remote configuration
• Tracker usage profiles
• External environmental sensors
Application services
Services • Localization
• Journeys
• Activity
• Utilization
• Connected with environmental sensors
• Tilt detection


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Installation manual