GB 3100

Managed geobeacon - Sigfox

The battery-powered, remote configurable geobeacon for optimizing indoor tracking and zone accuracy of your assets.

Compatibility Compatible with all Sensolus trackers with BLE localization
Transmission power Variabel transmission power up to 100 meter.
Mounting options • Holes for screws or rivets
• Cable ties
Mechanics & design
Antennas All antennas are internal
Size 130x 72 x 36 mm
Weight 200 gram
Color Translucent black
Casing • Polycarbonate (lexan 943A)
• Flame retardant
• UV-stabilized
Water & dust resistance IP68 & IP69K
Operating temperature -20 to 60°C
Storage temperature -40 to 60°C
Drop shock and vibration EN 60068
User interaction
Device activation Magnetic activation
LED feedback Green & red LED feedback on the device
Management services
Diagnostics • Battery lifetime prediction
• Installation
• Communication quality
Management • OTA firmware updates over BLE
• Remote configuration (TX power and switch on/off)
• Optional: external environmental sensors
Application services
Services Self localization
Encryptions Sigfox communication AES encryption
Device unique encryption keys
End to end payload encryption Chacha 20
AES encrypted firmware
Firmware upgrade allows only signed firmware images


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Installation manual