SENSE W 4150

BLE water rope

Wireless water rope sensors are used in places where uncontrolled leakage can cause large damage, e.g. in archives, museums, server rooms, warehouses, laboratories.

Sensor characteristics
Conductive liquid levelMeasurement of the presence of a conductive liquid at any point along the entire length of the probe.
Sensor connectivity
Transmission rangeUp to 60 meters
BLE advertisment period2 seconds
Mounting optionsDouble sided tape
Mechanics & design
Size74 x 110 x 40 mm Probe length: 3 meter
Weight80 gram
Water & dust resistanceIP67
Operating temperature-35 to 70°C
Storage temperature-40 to 70°C
Operating humidity0 to 99 non-condensing
Battery type• 5 years battery life depending on transmission power
• User replaceable batteries 3,6 V, size AA, capacity 2 700 mAh


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