TRACK 1010

SNT 3 compact - GPS/Wi-Fi/BLE - Sigfox RCx

The small low-power tracker with long battery life.Indoor and outdoor localization, zone and high precision.In flight certified with guarenteed data recovery (patented). Compatible with multiple external environmental sensors.
Sigfox • Energy efficient tranceiver
• Internal omnidirectional antenna
• Bi-directional communication
• All regions: RC1/RC2/RC3/RC4/RC5/RC6/RC7
• Dynamic multi-region switching possible
• Data recovery (patented)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) • BLE 2.4 GHz
• Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy
• OTA firmware upgrade
GNSS • u-blox 8th generation GNSS receiver for GPS
• Large patch antenna for optimum performance
BLE • Sensolus proximity beacon detection
• Detectable by zone and high precision anchors
Sigfox Atlas Network based geolocalization
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi based geolocalization (optional)
Internal sensing • Activity monitoring
• Orientation monitoring
• In flight monitoring
• Virtual tamper detection
External sensing • Temperature, humidity, air quality
• Person presence, contact, magnet
• Other BLE sensors can be added
Mounting options • Holes (6x8 mm) for screws or rivets
• Cable ties
• Double sided tape
Mechanics & design
Antennas All antennas are internal
Size 105x54x21.5mm
Weight 95 gram
Color Translucent black
Casing • Polycarbonate (lexan 943A)
• Flame retardant
• UV-stabilized
Water & dust resistance IP68
Operating temperature -20 to 60°C
Storage temperature -40 to 85°C
Battery type • 3 to 8 years battery life depending on operating mode
• Non replaceable battery pack5200 mAh 3.0 V(Li-MnO2)
Regulatory CE
Electrical safety EN-60905-1
Bluetooth 5.0 Declaration ID: D048003
In flight RTCA DO 160
Sigfox certified • Sigfox multi-region verified
• All regions class 0 certified
User interaction
Device activation Magnetic activation
LED feedback Green & red LED feedback on the device
Synchronize remote settings • Instant: Magnet activation
• Periodic: No user interaction needed
Management services
Diagnostics • Battery lifetime prediction
• Detailed energy consumption
• Geolocation diagnostics
• Installation
• Communication quality
Management • OTA firmware updates over BLE
• Remote configuration
• Tracker usage profiles
• External environmental sensors
Application services
Services • Localization
• Journeys
• Activity
• Utilization
• Connected with environmental sensors
• Tilt detection
Firmware configuration
Communication service • Region switching strategy
• Data recovery strategy
• Communication conditions
General configuration • Rule engine configuration
• Diagnostic levels
• Boot methods
• Accurate time synchronization
Orientation service Orientation detection parameters
Activity service Activity detection parameters
Location service • Motion based,context based, periodic or scheduled
• Configurable update rate and journey detection
• Priority sequence (GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE, network)
• GPS fix parameters
• Indoor detection algo
• Wi-Fi scan strategy
• BLE scan strategy
Environmental sensing • Polling and aggregation strategy
• Alerts
• Edge processing parameters
Tamper service Virtual tamper algo configuration
Encryptions • Sigfox communication AES encryption
• Device unique encryption keys
• End to end payload encryption Chacha 20
• AES encrypted firmware
• Firmware upgrade allows only signed firmware images