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Return on investment

Supply chain activities are crucial for industries like automotive, aerospace, machinery and other manufacturing companies of (large) machinery, vehicles and high-valoue components.

Learn more about our supply chain optimization and how to calculate your return on investment and book a free customized demo for your business.

Sensolus Return on investment

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MHI Vestas

An optimal fleet utilization and decrease in general costs

UES Chassis

Crucial data on demand by using low-power IoT trackers

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Edge-cloud architecture

A fully integrated, modular cloud platform built on the latest web and mobile technologies.

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A full suite of power-optimised indoor and outdoor localisations that exploit the latest technologies.

Events and webinars

Webinars, keynotes, and more to understand the impact of asset tracking on logistics processes.

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Sensolus Empowers Airbus with Advanced IoT Technology for Enhanced Manufacturing Efficiency [2024]

In a rapidly changing aviation landscape, where market needs and customer expectations demand the highest standards of quality and performance, Airbus spares no efforts to continuously improve its industrial system. With the Industry 4.0 revolution paving the way for digital transformation, Sensolus, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) technology provider, was selected by Airbus to help them achieve higher visibility, optimization, and efficiency in their smart supply chain and manufacturing processes.

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IoT Trends 2024

Since 2023, IoT is moving beyond the hype and is increasingly integrated into everyday business operations, paving the way for its broader, more sustainable adoption across various industries. In Gartner Hype Curve terms: IoT is in the Slope of Enlightenment. And 2024 will not be much different, IoT technology is becoming more mature, practical, and industry-specific use cases are getting more and more replicable. Organizations are gaining a deeper understanding how to value and implement IoT solutions.

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