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  • Low-power GPS trackers
  • Full control of your inventory
  • Identify idle returnable containers
  • No infrastructure required
  • Custom alerts & dashboards

What is returnable container tracking?

Most industries deliver their goods in disposable packaging like, for example, cardboard boxes or low-cost containers. But in some industrial contexts, you need a more durable, rugged, and reusable type of packaging. This returnable packaging can be racks, custom containers, cylinders, bins and other kinds of returnable assets. By equipping your returnable containers with Sensolus’ low-power GPS trackers, you ensure it is brought back, inspected, and used again. Furthermore, our low-power GPS trackers function autonomously and only gather data when valuable for your use case. You can analyze the collected information in the web application to optimize operational processes.

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Why should you track your returnable containers?

Returnable containers are no rental equipment. Often, this means customers don’t care about the containers. They only care about the goods inside it. Once the containers are emptied, customers push it to the side and want to get it out of their way. Or the customer can even start using it for other purposes. For you as a supplier, this poses a real problem since you invest capital in a fleet of returnable containers. If this is sitting idle at customer sites even more capital is needed to buy new assets. By tracking your returnable containers with low-power GPS trackers you are always aware of their location and usage. You can keep track of your inventory and receive alerts when assets are not moving for too long.

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Track & manage your returnable containers

Highlights returnable container tracking

Battery life up to 5 years

Years of functioning without battery replacement

You often use low-power GPS trackers in an industrial environment. An environment where returnable containers travel around a lot or aren’t that easy to access. In this case, you want a tracker that can function for years without having to replace the battery. Replacing batteries for tons of devices would create a massive operational burden that would make a good ROI impossible. Our trackers guarantee a battery life up to five years.

Full control of your inventory

Know at all times how many returnable containers you have in stock

In our user friendly web application, you can keep track of your returnable containers’ inventory. In a glimpse, you see how many returnable containers you have in stock and which ones are in use, either being transported or at customer sites. Furthermore, this helps you find returnable containers that have been at customer sites for too long.

Identify idle returnable containers

Detect, identify, and allocate unused assets

When you equip your returnable containers with low-power GPS trackers, you have insights into the use-rate of your fleet. This helps you find back returnable containers that have been at customer sites for too long. Furthermore, you can avoid investing in new assets that are not needed.

No infrastructure required

Ideal for usage in extreme field conditions

Our low-power GPS trackers are easy to install. The advantage is that you don’t need any additional infrastructure (cables, SIM card, etc.). Simply install the tracker on your returnable containers and it directly connects to the cloud, sending you all the data you need.

Custom alerts & dashboards

Receive alerts about allocation, rotation, and retention of your returnable containers

Customize alerts and dashboards in such a way that it suits your internal business logic. Our returnable container tracking solution allows you to set-up alerts that can vary in severity and will show you how long it took for an alert to be resolved. Know when something strange arises and easily define the right amount of resources needed to resolve the alert.


Why Sensolus?

IoT experts Trusted by 500+ customers
Business analytics Custom dashboards & reporting
Customer service Guided testing & training process
Reliable solution Battery prediction & data integrity

A Sensolus customer story

How Airbus uses Sensolus to its full potential to optimize supply chain management

Airbus is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions. A better-connected, safer world is what they strive towards. Not only for their customers but also for themselves. That’s why they decided to implement our asset tracking solution to manage and optimize the logistics activities for the entire group.

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airbus - sigfox tracker asset tracking low power tracker customer story
airbus - sigfox tracker asset tracking low power tracker customer story
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