The Sensolus Partner Event 2023


Demystifying data

Busting myths at Sensolus’ biggest event of the year

Enjoyed by partners across Europe, this two-day event, hosted by Sensolus, was filled with information, insights, and expertise. 


The primary objective of this remarkable event was to unite our diverse partner ecosystem under one roof.

Partners hailing from various industries in Benelux, DACH, France, and UKI converged to network, engage, and fortify relationships. We firmly believe that collaboration and mutual support are the foundations of success, and this event was a testament to that belief.

Throughout the event, our team took great pleasure in debunking a series of myths surrounding Sensolus. It was an opportunity to address misconceptions head-on and provide clarity to our esteemed partners.

For instance, we demonstrated that our robust trackers can indeed withstand the immense pressure of being driven over by a track—a resounding truth.

Moreover, we reaffirmed that our cutting-edge solution is applicable across a wide array of industries—an undeniable fact that paves the way for endless possibilities.

Partner Awards

Congratulations to our partners for their accomplishments this year. We recognize and thank you for your ongoing collaboration with Sensolus. 

Sensolus Partner Event 247

Partner of the Year: Sigrenea

With a full focus on waste management, Sigrenea is our go-to expert in this segment. The team did an outstanding job in technical support, project management, and commercial know-how.


Project of the Year: NMBS – Connectic

Connectic showed its excellent added value as a partner by managing this project from start to finish, providing NMBS with a complete solution to manage its fleet of returnable packaging more efficiently.

Sensolus Partner Event 246

Best Integrator: Axelion

Integrating our solution into the client’s existing infrastructure is what makes Axelion stands out – including smart indoor location using HPE Aruba infrastructure, temperature integration in a logistics project, and flow management to name a few.

Sensolus Partner Event 245

Best Technical Know-how: Peak Technologies

Peak Technologies shows excellence in the technical follow-up of projects and pilots. They always understand what needs to be done to demonstrate to the customer how our platform can improve their business.


Fast grower: Convium

Convium is one of our resellers from the early days that understands that sales cycles can often be long. With dedication and strong project management expertise, Convium is growing at a fast pace within our partner ecosystem.

Event highlights

A special thank you to the 70+ partners that attended our event and the 40+ Sensolus team members that contributed its success!

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