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Sensolus and experienced IT service provider VanRoey.be join forces

Partnership meets demand for integrated end-to-end asset management solutions

Ghent, 16 November 2021 – Specialist in tracking and IoT technology Sensolus and IT service provider VanRoey.be, which assists companies in the digitization and automation of their processes, announce a partnership. With the system knowledge of VanRoey.be and the product knowledge of Sensolus on one hand, and a complementary service and product portfolio on the other hand, the partners offer a unique end-to-end asset management solution that can be fully integrated in even the most complex business processes. In addition, existing and new customers will have access to a one-stop shop with a wider range of solutions through a single point of contact.

For years, VanRoey.be has been guiding companies as a trusted ICT expert through the digitization and automation of their business processes and it serves customers all over the Benelux from its head office in the Kempen region. Its extensive product and service portfolio ranges from solutions for hybrid/cloud infrastructure, security, storage, business applications such as Office 365 and Sharepoint, to managed services.

Strengthening each other

“Sensolus needs partners who know business processes and who can integrate and visualize our tracking and IoT solutions in the existing systems of the customer. Since VanRoey.be has been designing complex ERP environments for their customers for twenty years and is very strong in network solutions, among other things, we couldn’t imagine a better partner. We reinforce each other by going to market with a unique end-to-end asset management solution that can be fully integrated into existing complex processes. While VanRoey.be has the know-how of these processes and systems, Sensolus has all the necessary product knowledge,” says Filip Van Lancker, Head of Partnerships at Sensolus.

“Optimizing operational processes is one of the key drivers for VanRoey.be”, says Karin Versmissen, Sales & Marketing Director at VanRoey.be. “Thanks to an API, we can integrate data from the Sensolus platform into existing Microsoft 365 and/or Dynamics 365 environments. This opens many doors to additional insights and automation. We can build interactive dashboards or let automated flows start during a tracker update. For example, a product sheet can be adjusted in the ERP system, an employee or customer informed, a stock or availability status adjusted and so on without anyone having to do anything.

Optimizing processes

The partnership will primarily focus on the industrial and construction sectors, where Sensolus’ applications are perfectly deployable. Companies from these sectors have every interest in knowing where valuable assets such as containers, cranes or expensive instruments are located and how often they are used, or what the turnaround time of a production process is.

“To get these insights, companies want to see their business data centralized in a ready-to-use way as this is the best way to optimize those processes, identify logistical bottlenecks, save time and achieve savings or a faster ROI. Let’s look at returnable packaging, for example, a process in which assets such as packages always undergo the same flows. With the help of Sensolus’ trackers, these flows can be better mapped on the one hand and, thanks to VanRoey.be, integrated and visualized in the existing systems of the customer on the other. In this way, it becomes easier to detect anomalies,” says Filip Van Lancker.

“Data is the new oil, but the trick is to collect relevant data easily and present it clearly. That’s the real power of Sensolus. Its cloud platform is as easy to use as the installation of the trackers themselves. All valuable insights surface immediately and enable companies to make quick and well-founded decisions or start automated flows,” says Karin Versmissen.


For VanRoey.be, this partnership also means a complementary addition to their existing expertise. The ICT company has a lot of know-how about networks, security and ERP systems, while Sensolus has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of connected asset management and digital supply chain.

New and existing customers of Sensolus and VanRoey.be can, through the partnership, not only appeal to a portfolio that is fully integrated, but they can now also approach a single point of contact for all their questions and support concerning ICT: from networks to servers, security, digital workplace and ERP, and now also digital asset tracking/management. In this way, Sensolus and VanRoey.be offer a one-stop shop for the total management of their assets and the customer only benefits from this new partnership.

About Sensolus

Sensolus is an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company tracking non-powered assets like trailers, containers, etc. With their end-to-end solution, they help companies to make informed, data-driven business decisions. The company has years of expertise in telecom, low-power networks, wireless sensor design and cloud-based analytics. Sensolus’ plug-and-play IoT solution includes wireless trackers and an open IoT platform that enables value creation and cost reduction by linking it to enterprise data. In this way, supply chains and logistics processes in which non-powered assets play an important role can be optimized.

The Ghent-based scale-up was founded in 2013 by four IoT enthusiasts and already has 30 employees. It is active in various industries, ranging from aerospace, automotive and logistics to industrial manufacturing and the waste industry. Customers such as Airbus, Atlas Copco and AB InBev rely on Sensolus’ IoT solution every single day. Over 120,000 assets are connected to the platform. For more information: www.sensolus.com.

About VanRoey.be

“Trust Digital, Create Wonderful Things” has been the mission of VanRoey.be for years. A slogan that is more topical than ever and fits perfectly with the core business of the company, namely allowing organizations to work and collaborate in a secure and efficient manner. VanRoey.be provides IT services to companies who believe that they can have an impact on the market through digitization. How? By automating processes with software, services & Hybrid-IT infrastructure. For more information: https://www.vanroey.be/