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Sensolus at Sigfox Connect (2018)

Last week, Sensolus was present in Berlin on the annual Sigfox Connect event. At this event, all major actors in the Sigfox ecosystem meet to showcase latest innovations. This year, the main topic of the event has been international low-power asset tracking, the area where Sensolus has been active for almost 5 years.

Next to many meetings at our “global star” booth, our CEO Kristoff had the opportunity to pitch to the eco-system and the many international visitors. Kristoff showed our modular software- and hardware platform, consisting of modular applications, tailored to the real industry needs.  Kristoff took the opportunity to announce the strong cooperation with ST Microelectronics to present the next generation of low-power global tracking hardware platform. Next to this, Kristoff pointed out that there is no “1 size fits all” in Industrial Internet of Things. The real value in  Internet of Things pops up when each building block is perfectly aligned with the real customer need, from device communication up to (integrated) application. And only when these building blocks are correctly set, the real business value of IoT can be harvested in the daily processes of industry.

Finally, the event reflected the general trend in our industry: “hypergrowth”. With more than 1800 international visitors and important new announcements related to international coverage, such as the achieved milestone of 1 Billion people under coverage, and the upcoming commercial launch of satellites for a “space-based” global coverage.

“The future is now! Sensolus connects daily new assets and the value is there. Technology is ready, technology is no longer the hurdle. And most important, the value created today is only the tip of the iceberg of potential value. We are amazed at the creativity and innovative new business models that our customers are validating, as they do not longer need to worry about the technical implementation” 

Kristoff (CEO of Sensolus)

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