October 2014 – Sensolus wins ESA innovation award 2014

Sensolus SNT Trackers – a product of Sensolus – wins 3 prices at the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC):

  • ESA 2014 special prize: ESA innovation award
  • Regional price winner Flanders / Belgium
  • 3rd place Europe


ESNC_esa_blogpostSensolus SNT Trackers are the new generation of satellite-based position trackers. It is compact, low-cost and provides the hourly position of objects up to 3 years without the need of charging batteries, managing SIM cards or any other intrusive installation. Sensolus SNT Trackers come with a cloud-based web platform for optimized fleet management, remote data rate setting management and energy saving algorithms. Sensolus SNT Trackers are 40 times less energy consuming, and have 50% lower life-cycle cost than existing SIM-based solutions. Sensolus SNT Trackers communicate over the UNB network of Sigfox (www.sigfox.com) and is therefore currently only available in France, The Netherlands, Spain, UK and some major cities in the world (Munich, Milan, San Francisco).

These unique features of the Sensolus SNT Trackers allow a new range of great business opportunities related to the positioning of daily things. Sensolus SNT Trackers are the first step of a new generation of satellite-based positioning solutions.


Product presentation – Sensolus SNT Trackers

More product info: www.sensolus.com

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