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Synerglass-Soft and Sensolus: Providing data-driven visibility of assets for glass processing businesses

Synerglass-Soft offers a management software solution for flat glass processing businesses. With over 28 years of experience dedicated to their customers, the Synerglass-Soft technology covers each step of the flat glass production cycle, helping businesses increase productivity and profits.

Based on this approach, Synerglass-Soft realized the need for full visibility of the stillages used to transport glass to customer sites safely. The missing piece was a solution to actively track these assets.

That is where Sensolus’ data-driven technology comes in.

“The starting point of the partnership was the desire to solve the problem of recovering our customers’ racks. Once the stillages have been delivered to their customers’ sites, our customers struggle to retrieve them because they are often not informed that the racks can be collected.” – Synerglass-Soft

When there are no stillages left to place the cut glasses, glass processing businesses are forced to stop production.

These production breakdowns are extremely costly. Companies often have no choice but to purchase new stillages, and with the recent increase in raw material prices, maintaining this inventory is becoming increasingly expensive.

The ultimate solution to rack visibility and optimization

The Sensolus technology acts as an independent data source that is integrated with SynerTracker – the bespoke Synerglass-Soft cloud-based platform.

Sensolus provides the “material solution” (GPS trackers) that supplies data on the following:

  • GPS location of each stillage.
  • How long the stillage has been immobilized.
  • Flows between geozones.
  • Whether the tracker has been removed from the stillage.

The Sensolus solution is maintenance-free. Thanks to the rugged trackers that have been designed with low power consumption technology, the battery life is extended to over 7 years, which means that once the trackers are installed, they only need to be replaced after several years.

With the SynerTracker platform, glass processing businesses will gain the following insights:

  • The location and number of stillages at each customer site.
  • How much equipment is in the workshop.
  • The usage and availability of stillages by knowing which racks are released or not.
  • If a customer has several production sites, the use of this technology makes it possible to know how many stillages are present at each production site.

Tracking glass stillages using GPS helps ensure that production can continue, without extra costs or additional inventory needed.

The value is in the partnership

“Entering into a partnership with Synerglass-Soft has broadened our horizons, not only as a company but in terms of the application of our solution as well. Combined with the intelligence of the SynerTracker platform, we believe that Sensolus can provide real business value to this market.” – Michiel Raat, Sensolus

For Sensolus, this partnership opens the door to a new market segment – the glass processing industry, and for Synerglass-Soft, this partnership allows them to extend its product range, offering its customer base a complete tool to operate and manage their factory/glass activities.

“SynerTracker is an end-to-end rack management solution, and it comes with all the information our customers need, including delivery times, geozone alerts, geolocation, and usage. Sensolus is the centerpiece that records and sends all the tracking data required to make our solution work.”- Synerglass-Soft

About Synerglass-Soft

Synerglass-Soft was created in December 1994. The company was founded by a flat glass processor because the existing software on the market did not meet the specific needs of his company. Once the software was finalized, Synerglass-Soft became international and is now in 8 countries in Europe, North Africa, and North America

The main mission is to design and develop innovative software solutions and customized features for the complete management of glass processing businesses.