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Sensolus application platform

The most intuitive and complete flow asset tracking platform on the market

Asset management through an intuitive interface

Having mountains of data is only valuable if you can quickly get actionable insights from the application.

Sensolus application platform

Designed for huge amounts of connected assets

Our platform is specifically designed to handle millions of trackers in a scalable and intuitive way. We have successfully combined a powerful search and filtering engine with visually pleasing dashboards and panels.

Fully configure to your domain

It is easy to adjust the platform from the default Sensolus colour palette to match your brand.

Web and mobile

Whether you are at your office, at home, or on the road, you can access the platform via the web and mobile applications.

Customise your business process

Enrich assets with your own data
Enrich assets with your own data 1
Tailor to your own business processes
Tailor to your own business process 1

Mobile app for asset tracking

A solution to easily access and manage information on the go.

Tablet and phone

Manage your assets on the road

Focuses on the major functions you need on the road and on site. Find nearby assets, inspect their status, add custom process data on site or configure your trackers.

More than localisation

The Sensolus app makes it possible to quickly lookup all the information of an asset but helps with much more: easy installation of the tracker while on site, finding back a specific asset in the surroundings, adding and editing inspection information any other business information.

The platform is available in 5 languages

What’s quicker than onboarding your team to a solution in their native language?

Sensolus Multilanguage

Custom business data channels

Injecting custom business data makes it possible to add different kinds of data to the asset.

Customers can choose which data they want to see and link it to their existing ERP. The business data can be seen and edited in the platform and via the mobile app.

Business data visual

Discover more benefits of our cloud platform

search and


Experience fast and easy searching and filtering, with full search available on almost all attributes of your trackers. Plus, you can save and load search filters and share them with your organisation. Custom datatype-aware filters are automatically generated for your business-specific data.


Aeceive immediate alerts for each individual asset. Depending on your settings, notifications are generated and sent to the user or pushed to your server if assets are not following their programmed flows, arrive too late, are low on battery, etc.


Different reports can be created, scheduled and exported (as Excel files) depending on your requirements. You can also define your own templates that can be applied to the reports Sensolus provides.


You take security seriously and so do we. Our security features include end-2-end encryption from the tracker to the cloud, secure and reliable data vaults, and single-sign-on functionality to leverage your corporate identity management.

Large Scale Management

As your business grows, so do the tools we provide. Our tools empower you to operate and configure a large fleet of trackers in an intuitive way. Select the set of trackers, the actions you need and run it across the set.

monitoring utilization of assets

Monitoring and diagnostics

The platform digs deep into the data to automatically assess the tracker's behaviour. Any issues are flagged, and this information is used to tune the tracker configuration. The system is watching so you don't have to.