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Business data

Custom business data channels

Different ways for customizing your asset data

3rd party ids

Identify your assets with third party asset ID's

Apply your own identification scheme.

Enrich your assets

Classify your assets with asset tags

Add and remove labels to your assets fast and on the go

3rd party data

Enrich your assets with custom data channels

Design your own arbitrary asset data streams

Adding a third party ID to your assets

Adding a third party ID to your assets 1024x674 1

Third party IDs allow you to apply a custom identification scheme for your assets.

While installing the tracker to your asset you can link it with your own internal asset IDs by giving it in manually or scanning a QR/bar code on the assets.

You can use the custom ID for searching, reporting, in API calls etc.

Defining and assigning asset tags

Define your own classification tags relevant to your business work processes.

Assign tags to an asset using our webapp or mobile app or by pushing them using our API.

Adding tags to your assets 1024x674 1

Enrich your assets data with custom data channels

Enrich your assets data with custom data channels

Organizations can define additional business specific data channels for their assets such as:

  • Shipment Data
  • Vehicle Data
  • Inspection Data
  • Manufacturing info

The data for each channel can be injected from external systems such as an ERP system or be entered manually using the Sensolus mobile or webapp.

Unleash the power of your data anywhere, anytime.

Seamlessly integrate the Sensolus solution with your favorite business systems such as ERPs and data visualisation tools, or directly extract/inject data using our SDK.